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H^^ ^T RlZA.) oaJ ~- 


" ♦ " ♦**»-«•■■•■■•■■»■■»■■».■»■■».■»■.»..».. 

» « ■ « »ii« .»..>..«. .».i» .»!.» « » «ii». .»..». i». n . »ii« --tfTV^i 



I C^x 



Maryland 6? Rare book room 
university of maryland library 
college park, md. 

Saturday, June Tenth - Nineteen Fifty 

..»..« »i n » « i» « » . 

■■«■■«..».«..«..» i» «•«•.>..«. .«i.« » « «ii«..«..«..».^..«ii«..«i « »ii«..«i » n 




C ^"^-^ . 00 C> Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland ! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland ! 


say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


PROCESSIONAL— Coronation March (The Prophet) Meyerbeer 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

INVOCATION— The Lord's Prayer Malotte 

Philip H. Volk, Soloist, Class of 1950 

GREETINGS FROM BALTIMORE. ...His Honor, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. 

Mayor of Baltimore City 

PACE, PACE MIO DIO (LaForza del Destino) Verdi 

Carolyn Long, Soprano 


His Excellency, William Preston Lane, Jr. 
Governor of Maryland 

MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND Professor Harlan Randall 

Soloist, and Audience 

ADDRESS Mr. Eric A. Johnston 

President, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. 

MY HERO (Chocolate Soldier) Straus 

Carolyn Long, Soprano 



President H. C. Byrd 


BENEDICTION Reverend Edgar Wells Beckett 

First Methodist Church, Hyattsville 

RECESSIONAL— Fest March (Tannhauser) Wagner 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the 
academic procession has marched out. 



Doctor of Laws 


Doctor of Social Science 

Doctor of Humane Letters 


Doctor of Science 






Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean Ronald Bamf ord 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Salah Ahmed Abdel-Tawab D. C. 

James Richard Anderson Maryland 

Jay Oscar Anderson Utah 

Thomas Harold Bartilson Maryland 

John Lowry Bowers Mississippi 

Donald Morrison Brown Maryland 

Arvil Newton Bunch Maryland 

Raymond Merritt Burgison Maryland 

Robert Cawrse Cleverdon Maryland 

Stanley Joseph Drazek Maryland 

William Milton Eareckson, III D. C. 

Hussein Mahmoud El-Ibiary Maryland 

Robert Isadore Ellin Maryland 

Marvin Harry Ferguson Maryland 

John Wallace Foster Maryland 

Edward Adolph Gaugler Maryland 

Rocco Louis Gentilcore Canada 

Engel Lee Russell Gilbert Maryland 

George Winfield Harmon Maryland 

Milton Dean Havron Maryland 

Robert-George Hill, Jr Maryland 

Edmund Hoffmann Georgia 

Abe James Judson D* C. 

David Nathan Kramer Ohio 

Norman Kramer D. C. 

Irving Lester Mador Maryland 

Donald Maley Pennsylvania 

Robert Edward Moreng New Jersey 

John Lester Nemes Maryland 

Zita Ponti Maryland 

Benjamin Lanham Rogers.. ..South Cs.rolina 

John Anthony Scigliano Nel^raska 

Charles Irvel Smith Maryland 

Edward Byrd Truitt, Jr Virginia 

Doctor of Education 

Theodore Libber Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Herman Charles Bainder Maryland 

Charles Edward Barrett Maryland 

Alfred Werner Becker Maryland 

Rosita Rieck Kerber Bennett D. C. 

Lindsay Boyd Massachusetts 

Shirley Byers Maryland 

Cyril Norbert Carroll Maryland 

Samuel Wayne Dake Maryland 

Shirley Wagner Dinwiddle Maryland 

Mary Carolyn Callis Dunlap Maryland 

Emma Jean Gerwig Maryland 

John Sydney Hewins Maryland 

Lillian Claire Johnson Maryland 

Margaret Roberta Keiter Maryland 

Ann Louise Klingelhofer Maryland 

Minor Ellsworth Kyger, Jr Virginia 

Mary Rebecca Lennon Maryland 

Ching Tao Lo China 

Anne Gordon Love D. C. 

Edith Moss New Hampshire 

Cornelius Francis Moxley Maryland 

William Francis Nee Massachusetts 

Ruth Winafred Parrish Pennsylvania 

Martha Yates Robellaz South Carolina 

Edna Schweiger Robinson D. C. 

Betsy Ross Arkansas 

William Hunter Shannon Maryland 

Lillian Elizabeth Somervell Maryland 

Mabel Sundstrom Maryland 

William Nelson Winter Maryland 

William Webb Woolston Maryland 

Master of Science 

Carl Herbert Acker D. C. 

Paul Aurele Albert Maryland 

William Stratton Alderson D. C. 

William Curtis Alford Maryland 

Fazil Ahmet Amal Turkey 

William B. Anspacher D. C. 

Bernard Henry Armbrecht Maryland 

Walter Raleigh Beam, Jr Maryland 

Edward Krug Bender Maryland 

Lamont Vincent Blake D. C. 

Joseph Paul Charles Boggio Maryland 

Florence Marilyn Bozeman Maryland 

Bernard Buchner D. C. 

Raymond Wilbur Buck, Jr Maine 

Richard James Burke Maryland 

Hope Elizabeth Byrne Rhode Island 

James Lavern Carmon Florida 

Adnan Cavli Maryland 

Torrence Harrison Chambers D. C. 

Lee Ming Chow Maryland 

Ivan Christoffel Illinois 

Anthony Chi-Wu Chung Maryland 

Paul A. Crafton D. C. 

Frank Anthony Dolle Maryland 

Robert Staughton Doyle Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Laverne Dunning Virginia 

Meyer Michael Eckstein Maryland 

Ahmed Azmi El-Kattan Egypt 

Raymond LeRoy Erickson Montana 

Addison Bernard Eyler Maryland 

Charles Elmo Feazel, Jr Maryland 

Arturo Febry-Hernandez Puerto Rico 

Martin Edward Gannon New York 

Frederick Theodore Haddock, Jr Virginia 

William Luther Haltiwanger Maryland 

Donald Warren Haney Massachusetts 

Joseph Rhodes Haun Maryland 

James Edwin Hawes Maryland 

William Martin Hoffman Maryland 

Junius 0. Hutton Maryland 

Joseph C. Hwang (Hwang Tzu-shang) 


Ben T. Iwakiri California 

Norman Hans Jasper D. C. 

Fluella Smith Jordan Maryland 

Dolores A. Kapusta Maryland 

Henry Spalding Klosky D. C. 

Marlin Books Kreider Pennsylvania 

George Curtis Langford, Jr Florida 

Audley Brooks Leaman Maryland 

Wei-chin Liu Maryland 

George Wayman Lloyd New Jersey 

Kwan Hung Lo China 

Romeo Mansueti Maryland 

James Morris McCummings, Jr Maryland 

James Daniel McKinley, Jr Texas 

Henry Menge Pennsylvania 

Ezra David Metz D. C. 

Alan Randolph Miller Maryland 

Robert Louis Morris Maryland 

John Calhoun New Maryland 

Donald Thomas O'Connor Maryland 

Mervin Junior Parker Maryland 

Robert Malcolm Powell Maryland 

Henry Williams Price, Jr Maryland 

Harold Joseph Quinn Maryland 

Samuel J. Raff Maryland 

Joseph Rakosky, Jr Maryland 

Joseph James Redmond Maryland 

William Alexander Reith Maryland 

Benjamin Rosenberg D. C. 

Helen Jeanette Ruth Maryland 

Irving Mesiter Saffitz D. C. 

Albert Edward Sanderson, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy May Schenck Connecticut 

Dale Herbert Scott D. C. 

Taze Leonard Senn South Carolina 

Warren Seymour Silver Maryland 

Teresa Silverman Virginia 

Burt Newman Singleton, Jr Maryland 

Merrill Jay Snyder Maryland 

Kenneth Gordon Spangler Maryland 

Robert William Storherr Maryland 

John Walter Stuntz Maryland 

Henry Edgar Swann, Jr Maryland 

Erwin Tomash Virginia 

Marvin Clinton Twigg Maryland 

Norbert Bernard Wagner Maryland 

Anne Lee VanArtsdale Waldo Ohio 

Willis Henry Waldo Ohio 

James Paul Walsh Maryland 

Robert James Weir, Jr D. C. 

Robert Craig Wiley Maryland 

Kathryn Myers Young Pennsylvania 

Master of Education 

William Dominic Allman, Jr D. C. 

Fay Jerome Ayers Maryland 

Fairfax Boiling Brooke Maryland 

Artha Jean Burington Virginia 

Claude Albert Burkert Maryland 

lola Virginia Clay Mary and 

Joshua Hutchins Cockey Maryland 

Irene P. Comer Maryland 

Edith E. Crowe Maryland 

Robert Norman Davis D- C- 

Lois Fletcher Whisnant DeBrule..Maryland 

Edith Catherine Dolle Maryland 

Helen Bendle Fick Maryland 

Julian Alexander Fincher Maryland 

William Eugene Gallik Maryland 

Samuel Wellington Geissenhainer..Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Giese Wisconsin 

Ethel Bennett Golden Maryland 

Jessie Kilmore Greenbaum Maryland 

Ethel Gladys Haas Maryland 

A. Elizabeth Hartje Maryland 

Palmer Frey Hess Maryland 

Malinda Bennett Holland Maryland 

James Bernard Hyde Maryland 

Lawrence Jackson Maryland 

Julia Raspe Jolly Maryland 

Theodore William Katenkamp, Jr. 


Helen Oliveine King Maryland 

Josephine Anna Krotee Maryland 

Lillian Mahon Linthicum Maryland 

Verna Mae Lonsway Maryland 

Ross Stevenson McNeil Pennsylvania 

Frederick Meyer Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Moss Maryland 

Ma Khin Mya Maryland 

Hattie Irene Myers Maryland 

Marian Pilton Myers D. C. 

Evelyn Pearl Reed Maryland 

David Austin Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Agnes Kernan Samek Maryland 

Winifred Toole Scarborough Maryland 

Robert Francis Schmidt Maryland 

Mary Frances Shepperd Maryland 

Bryan Lee Shockley Maryland 

Frank Silverman Maryland 

Carl Thomas Skidmore Maryland 

Emma Lou Smith Texas 

Marguerite Browning Smith Maryland 

Komazawa deSambourg Stinchcomb 


Florence May Taw Burma 

Irene Marguerite Taylor West Virginia 

Virginia Evelyn Tyler D. C. 

Joseph Ralph Valentino Virginia 

Zenith Hurst Velie Maryland 

Annelise Bohmer Wagner Germany 

Eleanor Brice Waring Maryland 

Clark Henry Wentz Pennsylvania 

Margery Hurd West D. C. 

Elizabeth Cecilia Zimmerman Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Richard Brown Blackwell Virginia 

Gary Born New York 

Sidney Norman Graybeal Maryland 

Frank Albert Smith D. C. 

Warrington Gilmore Smith Maryland 

William Robert Thomas Michigan 

Harold John Flavin. 

Master of Foreign Study 


Frederic Maurice Mullett Missouri 

Harriet Dorothy Rothschild New York 


Doctor of Philosophy 

William Guy Matheny Kansas 

Master of Arts 

Hugo Clark Aldrich Maryland 

Eva Vera Asbell Maryland 

James Oran Harmon Maryland 

Thomas Augustus Harris Pennsylvania 

Hwang Shing-Chi D. C. 

Elizabeth Southard Layton Maryland 

Li Hua-Wei Maryland 

Alma G. Logsdon 

Robert Howard Newcomb 

Cecil T. Norris 

Bernice S. Sheridan 

William Russell Thickstun, Jr. 
Mildred Marie Wiker 


D. C. 

D. C. 

Muhammad Abdus Sami. 

Master of Science 

.Pakistan Paraskevi Strogyli 



Master of Education 

Irl Henry Beall Maryland 

Jean Louise Bloom Maryland 

Charles Lee Blubaugh Maryland 

Eugene Eason Bracken Maryland 

Edward Wayne Brumbaugh Maryland 

Henry L. Byer Maryland 

Helen Lucille Carpenter D. C. 

Albert Chakan Maryland 

Charles Edward Church Missouri 

Jennie DeWilde Clagett Maryland 

Marian Wintermyer Crowe Maryland 

James Kenneth Davis Maryland 

Veronica Puzycki Dawson Maryland 

Nicholas Robert DeCesare Maryland 

Regina Isabelle Fitzgerald Maryland 

William Ignatius Fowler Maryland 

Mary Ruth Guyton Maryland 

Sister Helen Hogarty D. C. 

John Albert Johnson Maryland 

Louis Kenneth Lassahn Maryland 

Bernice O'Keefe Mallack Maryland 

Earl Donald McLuckie Maryland 

Grace Madge Naumann Marjiand 

Aileen Rohr Rhodes Maryland 

Ruth Louise Schwoerer D. C. 

Elizabeth Eloise Shoemaker Maryland 

Arthur Cole Somervell Maryland 

Edward Thomas Maryland 

Eleanor Amelia Thomas Maryland 

Edward Milton Trice Virginia 

Master of Business Administration 

William Nelson Boaz, Jr Maryland Roy Ernest Brooks. 


Karl William Meyer, Jr. 

Master of Foreign Study 


Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

William Andrew Andersen Maryland 

John Louis Bacon New York 

Charles Bagley Maryland 

Mary Medairy Barstow Maryland 

Wilbur Nelson Baumann Maryland 

Jay Lewis Bisgyer D. C. 

Harry Harlan Bleecker, Jr California 

Francis Joseph Borges Maryland 

Raymond Bradshaw, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Benedict Bernard Bronushas 


Fred Jamison Burkey Maryland 

Louis Guy Chelton Maryland 

Jerome Joel Coller Maryland 

Thomas Nye Corpening North Carolina 

Joseph Robert Cowen Maryland 

William Atkinson Cracraft....West Virginia 

Harold Lawrence Daly, Jr Maryland 

Miriam Shamer Daly Maryland 

Leonard Loeb Deitz Maryland 

Elinor Weed Demarest Maryland 

Lawrence Mann Demarest New York 

Nicholas Demmy Oregon 

Frederick Thomas Edmunds. .West Virginia 

John Armel Googins Kansas 

George Herbert Greenstein Maryland 

Leonard Gerard Hamberry Maryland 

George Kenneth Hawkins New Jersey 

John Clauson Healy Connecticut 

Stanley Willard Henson, Jr Maryland 

Philip Walter Heuman Maryland 

Grace Hofsteter Ohio 

Irvin Gorman Hoyt Maryland 

Sarah Virginia Huffer Maryland 

Harriet Lament Husted New Jersey 

John Charles Hyle Maryland 

Maxwell Ibsen Pennsylvania 

Roy David Jensen Nevada 

Frank Thomas Kasik, Jr Maryland 

Gordon William Kelley Maryland 

V. Ellis Knight Oregon 

Frank Gustav Kuehn Maryland 

Thomas Franklin Lewis Maryland 

Joseph David Lichtenberg Maryland 

G. William Martin, Jr Delaware 

Wilbert Harding McElvain Pennsylvania 

Dorothea Anna Miller Delaware 

Robert Eugene Miller, Sr Maryland 

Hunter Shainline Neal Pennsylvania 

Julio Tomas Noguera Puerto Rico 

Joseph Edward O'Malley Maryland 

Evangeline Myers Poling West Virginia 

William Benjamin Rever, Jr Maryland 

Louis Favrot Reynaud Illinois 

Virginia Gould Reynaud New York 

Paul Frederick Richardson Maryland 

Milton Raymond Righetti California 

Oliver Ralph Roth Maryland 

Seymour Howard Rubin Maryland 

Norman Edward Rudy California 

Robert Sandler Maryland 

Frederick Parker Shepherd New Jersey 

Frederic Rudolph Simmons Maryland 

William 0. Sires Maryland 

Allen Leon Sklar Maryland 

Morton Smith Maryland 

Andrew Raymond Sosnowski Maryland 

Raymond Charles Spaulding, Jr Florida 

Henry Hollingsworth Startzman, Jr. 


Mary Elizabeth Storm Maryland 

C. Michael Sulka Illinois 

Robert Tondorf Thibadeau Maryland 

William Wesley Thompson Maryland 

Bate Carpenter Toms, Jr North Carolina 

Albert Louie Upton California 

Kornelius Van Goor New Jersey 

Enrique A. Vicens Puerto Rico 

Fowler Felix White Connecticut 

Clifford Edward Wilson, Jr Connecticut 

Ernest Simon Wolf Maryland 

William Howard Yeager, Jr Maryland 

University Prize Gold Medal 

Louis Guy Chelton 

Certificates of Honor 

John Clauson Healy 
Ernest Simon Wolf 

1. Morton Smith 4. 

2. John Armel Googins 5. 

3. Julio Tomas Noguera 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Stanley Willard Henson, Jr. 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and 

Certificate of Proficiency Stanley Willard Henson, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

David Howard Bloom Maryland 

Melvin Hyman Bulmash Maryland 

Arthur Merrick Bushey Maryland 

James Maurice Callahan Connecticut 

John Carroccia, Jr Rhode Island 

Laurence Gray Claggett Maryland 

Leo McCashin Cook Pennsylvania 

Charles Hill Courtney, Jr South Carolina 

William Whitney Cunningham New York 

Haywood Voltz Davenport.. ..North Carolina 

Jose Hiram Diaz-Gonzalez Puerto Rico 

Paul Max Doctor Germany 

Roy Theodore Durocher Connecticut 

Spurgeon Edward Eakes North Carolina 

Francis Leon Edwards West Virginia 

Edmond Jerome Epstein Florida 

John Griffin Fisher Vermont 

Manuel Rafael Fossas, Jr Puerto Rico 

Ernesto Frontera-Vivaldi Puerto Rico 

Daniel Emanuel Gabriele Connecticut 

Alan Arnold Gale New Jersey 

Allen Lee Goldman Maryland 

Clement Freeman Hahn, Jr.. .Massachusetts 

Auvil Clyde Hannah West Virginia 

Lloyd Crockett Harrison West Virginia 

Vernon Thomas Hart Maryland 

Robert Hess, Jr Puerto Rico 

Charles Miller Horan Maryland 

Gay Richard Hyre West Virginia 

John Miller Hyson, Jr Maryland 

Kyle McCue Jarrell, Jr West Virginia 

Robert Henry Jernick New Jersey 

Robert Gordon Jones Ohio 

Robert Joseph Kirvin Massachusetts 

Kenneth Kerwood Kline West Virginia 

William Henry Langfield Massachusetts 

Lewis Valentine Lortz, Jr Maryland 

Roy Leigh Lowman, Jr West Virginia 

Richard Hooker Lynch New Jersey 

George Evans Mannix Massachusetts 

Charles Harrison Martin Massachusetts 

Fletcher Boyd Matthews South Carolina 

John Joseph Mayer Connecticut 

John William McCauley, Jr Pennsylvania 

Paul Donaldson McCoy Maryland 

Donald James McElroy New Jersey 

Paul Michael Mitchell New Jersey 

Richard James Morris Maryland 

Robert Wesley Muma Maryland 

Lloyd Stephen Noel Maryland 

Max Delvin Nordeck Maryland 

Albert Nosal Connecticut 

Carlos Jose Noya Puerto Rico 

Guillermo Enrique Orraca-Sanchez 

Puerto Rico 

Joseph Gilbert Rene Paul Rhode Island 

AUie Glenn Phifer South Carolina 

Ram Pratap India 

Clarence Warren Rader, Jr.. .West Virginia 

Stuart Morton Ratner New Jersey 

Jorge Jose Rodriguez-Fernandez 

Puerto Rico 

Joseph Paul Rohr West Virginia 

Robert Edward Roque Rhode Island 

Manuel Antonio Rosso-Dominguez 

Puerto Rico 

Ralph Mohney Rymer West Virginia 

Masaichi Sagawa Hawaii 

Claude Henry Sarratt D. C. 

John Leon Savage Rhode Island 

Charles Taylor Schwatka, Jr Maryland 

Harold Edward Schwing West Virginia 

Daniel C. Scotti New Jersey 

Herbert Shapiro Maryland 

Joseph Hamilton Sheppe West Virginia 

Cloyd Clifton Shultz Pennsylvania 

Sheldon Silverman Maryland 

Charles John Stine Maryland 

Walter Pershing Strang Maine 

Henry Walter Teyker New Jersey 

Jose Rafael Torres Puerto Rico 

Roberto Torres Puerto Rico 

David Troup Rhode Island 

Michael Henry Ventura Maryland 

Paul Carl Wainwright Maryland 

Benjamin Sargent Wells, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Gerard Wheeler Connecticut 

James Fletcher Whisnant North Carolina 

Harry Whitford New Jersey 

Royal Thomas Whitney Vermont 

Louis Edwin Williams Pennsylvania 

Noel Henry Yoho West Virginia 

James Eugene Young West Virginia 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship 

Masaichi Sagawa 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Robert Gordon Jones 

2. Louis Edwin Williams 

3. Robert Wesley Muma 

Walter Pershing Strang 
Joseph Paul Rohr 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Certificate of Proficiency 

Leo J. Nielsen, Jr Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

*Harry Samuel Allen Marjiand 

Samuel Clifford Pinney Baldwin.. ..Maryland 

Marvin Bass Maryland 

Gilbert Brown Benson, Jr Maryland 

Bird Hyde Bishop Maryland 

Perry Gray Bowen, Jr Maryland 

Calvin Luther Bowers Maryland 

Irving Bowers Maryland 

George W. Bowling Marjiand 

Gerald Francis Bracken Maryland 

Thomas Edward Bracken Maryland 

George Moore Brady, Jr Marjiand 

Alvin R. Braudes Maryland 

Austin Worthington Brizendine... .Maryland 

Thomas Carroll Brown Maryland 

Edward Donald Bunco Maryland 

John Haskell Calhoun Maryland 

Claude Leon Callegary Maryland 

Edward Dexter Chapin Mai-jiand 

Thomas Edward Cinnamond Maryland 

Alfred Arthur Cooke Maryland 

Ernest S. Cookerly Maryland 

LeRoy Albert Cooper Maryland 

*Patrick J. Coughlin, Jr Maryland 

Chipman Woodward Cunningham. .Maryland 

Bernard Dackman Maryland 

Robert Ernest Dammeyer Maryland 

Elaine Odeal Carsley Davis Maryland 

Harry Joseph Devlin Maryland 

Jack Carlton Doney Maryland 

Cecil Jefferson Dotson Maryland 

Robert Joseph Dougherty Marjiand 

Merton Hugh Douthitt Maryland 

William Joseph Doyle, Jr Maryland 

Doris A. Dushane Maryland 

Daniel Eidman, III Maryland 

Edgar Henry Farrell, Jr New York 

Earl Marin Foreman Maryland 

Frederick Watts Forman, III Maryland 

*Wendell Grimkie Freeland Maryland 

Victor William Fuentealba Maryland 

Phillips Lee Goldsborough, III Maryland 

*Mannes Faul Greenberg Maryland 

Luther Weston Gregory Maryland 

John RajTnond Hargrove Maryland 

August Owen Hennegan, Jr Marjiand 

Eugene Cover Hess Maryland 

Charles Heyman Maryland 

William Thomas Higgins Maryland 

LeRoy Edward Hoffberger Maryland 

Meredith Roland Hoffmaster Maryland 

^Herbert Hendrix Hubbard Maryland 

William Louis Jacob Maryland 

Gordon King Kahl Maryland 

Francis Xavier Kearney, Jr Maryland 

Henry Walter Klemkowski Maryland 

Herbert Vincent Knighton Maryland 

Linwood Graves Koger, Jr Maryland 

John Stanley Kozlowski New York 

Julius C. Landrum New Mexico 

Louis Sparks Lear Maryland 

Murray Donald Leizman Maryland 

John Walter Long Maryland 

William Wendell MacLeod Maryland 

Frank Markoe, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Jack Marshall Maryland 

Henry Leonard Meledin Maryland 

Donald Leroy Merriman Maryland 

Juanita Jackson Mitchell Maryland 

James William Murphy Maryland 

George Norman Maryland 

Caswell Gordon Nuger Maryland 

Paul James Plunkett Maryland 

James Magruder Rea Maryland 

Elmer Louis Reese, Jr Maryland 

Alleck Albert Resnick Maryland 

Donald David Rogers Maryland 

William Charles Rogers, Jr Maryland 

David A. Rosenberg Maryland 

Charles R. Rouse, Jr Maryland 

Charles Ogden Schobel, Jr Maryland 

Morton Irvin Schwartzman Maryland 

Sheldon Bruce Seidel Maryland 

*Montague Xavier Shanahan Maryland 

*Malcolm Bell Smith, II Maryland 

William James Smith, Jr Maryland 

Alvin Solomon Maryland 

John Henry Somerville Maryland 

With Honor. 

Alan Hance Stocksdale Maryland 

James Floyd Strine Maryland 

*Richard Craig Sullivan Maryland 

♦Walter Reitzell Tabler, Jr Maryland 

William Milbourne Toadvine Maryland 

Martin James Toumey Maryland 

Joseph Vogelhut Maryland 

Norman Vincent Waltjen, Jr Maryland 

Theodore Cooke Waters, Jr Maryland 

Marcus Jocelyn Williams Maryland 

Theodore Williams Maryland 

Harold Ira Witman Maryland 

Charles Kelley Yost Maryland 

* With Honor. 

Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Mannes Faul Greenberg 
Herbert Hendrix Hubbard 
Montague Xavier Shanahan 

U. S. Law Week Award Walter Reitzell Tabler, Jr. 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Mannes Faul Greenberg 

Harry Samuel Allen 
Patrick J. Coughlin, Jr. 
Wendell Grimkie Freeland 


Candidates will be presented by Associate Dean Ronald Bamford 

Bachelor of Science 

Kelvin Lewis Adkins Maryland 

William Maurice Allenberg Maryland 

Wood Powell Anderson Virginia 

Marvin Thomas Ankers Virginia 

Charles Henry Arnott West Virginia 

Warren Mason Baity Maryland 

Donald Balderston Maryland 

George Ward Barstow Maryland 

Donald Bartlett Maryland 

Jaime Carlos Basadre Peru 

Irvin 0. Bauer, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Elton Beam Maryland 

Frederick Matthias Benzinger Maryland 

Richard Thomsen Berg D. C. 

George Gilbert Betton Maryland 

Carl Wakeman Bevard Maryland 

Eugene Birmingham Maryland 

William Thomas Blair Maryland 

William Berger Blank Maryland 

Richard Hilton Bradford Maryland 

Kenneth Hammond Bray D. C. 

James Ellsworth Brentlinger Virginia 

James Thompson Briscoe Maryland 

James Emljm Britton D. C. 

John Peery Bruce Maryland 

Robert Warren Bryan Virginia 

George Sydney Bunting, Jr Maryland 

George Henry Butler, Jr Maryland 

Manuel Escay Cacho Philippine Islands 

Francis Xavier Chapman Maryland 

William Gilmour Coale Pennsylvania 

Robert Cook D. C. 

Marbury Layton Councell, Jr Maryland 

Harry Armand Cox, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Cremins Maryland 

Earl Alfred Grouse Maryland 

Robert Perry Dally Maryland 

Charles R. Davenport Virginia 

Martha Lockwood Davis Maryland 

Charles Taylor Dennis Pennsylvania 

Joseph Collier Derbyshire Maryland 

Edgar Dickerson Maryland 

David Maxwell Dickson Virginia 

Martin Downing Diddlebock.... Pennsylvania 

Julius Milford Dilworth Maryland 

Robert Eugene Dirks D. C. 

DeWitt Clinton Dixon D. C. 

Clarence Harvey Doughty, Jr Maryland 

Robert Francis Drawbridge Maryland 

Emily Salle Drovin Pennsylvania 

Andrew Adrian Duncan Maryland 

Carl Anderson Durkee Maryland 

Elson Bourne Duvall Maryland 

Gene Knee Eisenbeiss Maryland 

Hugo Ernst Bolivia 

John William Fantom Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Felton D. C. 

Harry Elwood Filler Maryland 

Boyd Millard Fletcher Maryland 

Gordon Arthur Fletcher Vermont 

Frank Lane Ford Virginia 

Wilmer Lester Fox Maryland 

Jack Martin Fralinger Maryland 

Horace Walton Fuller Maryland 

Lockered Scott Gabs, Jr Maryland 

William Harry Gaiser New Jersey 

Richard Bernard Gibson Maryland 

Clifton Herbert Giddings Maryland 

Wayne LaVere Gillespie Maryland 

Robert Harry Gilpin Maryland 

John Carl Graybeal Maryland 

Morton Greenberg Maryland 

James Paul Gurney Maryland 

Edgar Percival Gwynn Maryland 

Roger Lamar Halsted Maryland 

Walter Donald Hanns Mississippi 

John E. Hendricks Maryland 

Ezra Nachman Henkin D. C. 

Robert Cromar Herr Maryland 

Joseph John Higgins D. C. 

John Albert Holter Maryland 

Robert Keith Hooker Vermont 

Ned Victor Home Pennsylvania 

Charles Earl Hoyert Maryland 

James Hudson Hughes Maryland 

Fred Elbert Hulse Connecticut 

George Henry Hummel, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Lyttleton Hutchison D. C. 

John Kerr Hyde Maryland 

Robert Eugene Innerst Pennsylvania 

Joseph Lee Jenkins Maryland 

James Paul Jennings D. C. 


Gordon Lee Jessup, Jr D. C. 

Joseph J. Johnson Maryland 

Robert Legard Jones Maryland 

Francis Henry Kales, III Maryland 

Albert Joseph Karaskevitch Maryland 

John Osmond Kelley D, C. 

Marion Lee Scott Kenkel Maryland 

William Russell Kent, Jr Maryland 

George Richard King Maryland 

Robert Philip Kingsbury Maryland 

Donald Richard KnauflF Pennsylvania 

John Irvin Kohler Maryland 

Tillie KrucofF Maryland 

John Jenkins Lancaster, Jr Maryland 

Burton Robert Laux New Jersey 

Charles Adrian Lawler Virginia 

Thomas Edward Lippy ^Maryland 

Clarence Hepburn Little, Jr Maryland 

Peter Manley, III Pennsylvania 

Frank Ercole Manno New Jersey 

Milton Kenneth Martin Virginia 

Nacor A. Martinez New Mexico 

John Sharpe McDaniel Maryland 

Thomas Matthew McKee, Jr Pennsylvania 

John David McLeish Maryland 

Robert Wallace McNiel Maryland 

Albert Eric Mercker, Jr D. C. 

Leonard Joseph Meyer, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Milkovics Pennsylvania 

Donald Fletcher Miller Maryland 

Ernest Nathaniel Miller, Jr Illinois 

Harry Thomas Miller Maryland 

Robert Glenn Miller Maryland 

Hugh Milliken New York 

James Arthur Moore, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Eugene Morgan Maryland 

George Colmer Morris Maryland 

Gerard John Moudry Maryland 

James Ryder Murphy, III Maryland 

Frank Ralph Newcomer Maryland 

Joseph Leiter Newcomer Maryland 

Howard Leonard Opel, Jr Maryland 

Paul Mills Overholtzer, Jr Virginia 

George Corbly Paffenbarger, Jr Maryland 

Guy Steele Phillips Maryland 

Robert Edward Pidgeon Maryland 

Joseph Edward Polite Pennsylvania 

Charles Thomas Poole, Jr Maryland 

Robert Thomas Preston Maryland 

William Henry Preston, Jr Maryland 

Guy Leslie Price Maryland 

Thomas L. Purdum, Jr New York 

John Tressler Reckner, Jr Maryland 

Jay Martin Reid Maryland 

Lawrence Leslie Richter Maryland 

Carl Alfred Rieck Maryland 

Harry Hugo Rieck, Jr Maryland 

John Getty Robinson Maryland 

Eugene Roland Rose Virginia 

Henry John Sandlas, III Maryland 

Paul William Carl Santelmann Virginia 

Robert Norman Scheller Maryland 

James Markland Shackelford Maryland 

William Henry Shehan, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Edward Shilling Maryland 

William Silver, II Maryland 

Hubert Junior Slonaker West Virginia 

Nina Cecelia Smith Ohio 

Patricia Helen Smith Ohio 

John Doyal Snyder Virginia 

Ralph Grayson Stup Maryland 

James Howard Taliaferro Maryland 

Elbert Ward Tall Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Thornthwaite New Jersey 

Carl Ronald Twining Maryland 

Robert Emery Vaughn Pennsylvania 

William Gordon Vessey Maryland 

Carl Joseph Vosloh, Jr..... Maryland 

John Uthman Walker Maryland 

Edwin Warfield, III Maryland 

Richard Tubman Warfield Maryland 

David Prettyman Webster Maryland 

Arthur Augustus Weidner, Jr Maryland 

Albert Ellwood Werking Maryland 

Clayton Charles Werner Maryland 

Theodore Carpenter Wetteland 


John Walter White Pennsylvania 

Melvin Leslie Williams Maryland 

Charles Granville Wilson Maryland 

James William Wirwille Maryland 

Lennon Eugene Wright Maryland 

James Oliver Young Virginia 

Henry Zavit New Jersey 

Bachelor of Science 

Truman R. Ahalt Maryland 

Harold Louis Bitter Maryland 

William Richman Coleman New Jersey 

Paul Carlton Goetz Maryland 

Mahlon Robert Jones Virginia 

George Edward MacDonald Maryland 

James H. Morton Marj'land 

Robert E. Lee Ross Maryland 

Hugh Delane Sisler Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Marion Scott Kenkel 

William Maurice Allenberg 

Robert Perry Dally 

Thomas Matthew McKee, Jr. 

John Albert Holter 

John Jenkins Lancaster, Jr. 

Andrew Adrian Duncan 

Gordon Lee Jessup, Jr. 

George Corbly Paffenbarger, Jr. 

William Joseph Cremins 

Robert Harry Gilpin 

Joseph Lee Jenkins 

Earl Alfred Grouse 

Edgar Percival Gwynn 

Albert Joseph Karaskevitch 

Second Honors 

Robert Philip Kingsbury 
David Maxwell Dickson 
Milton Kenneth Martin 
Irvin 0. Bauer, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 

Bachelor of Arts 

Betty-Lou Sivia Aalto Maryland 

Albert George Aaron Maryland 

Patricia A. Margaret Abernathy Hlinois 

Andrew Allan, Jr Ohio 

Rosa Jane Allen D. C. 

Miriam Marcia Alter Maryland 

Sue DeVault Ambrose D. C. 

Robert Harward Arthur Maryland 

Louis Martin Balk Maryland 

Patricia Jane Ballantyne Maryland 

Shirley Balser Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Banks Maryland 

Angell Bavosa New Jersey 

Francis Charles Belcher Maryland 

Carl Joseph Bender, Jr Maryland 

William Francis Benjamin Maryland 

Alvin Socks Bernstein D. C. 

Harry William Alvin Biehl Maryland 

Betty June Biser Maryland 

John Carl Blizzard Maryland 

Mary Jane Blythe D. C. 

Hugh Vernon Booth Maryland 

Henry Hanson Boyer, II Maryland 

William Edward Boyle Maryland 

Mary Sealock Brasher Maryland 

Arthur Putnam Brigham Maryland 

Alan Anthony Brimer D. C. 

William Charles Britt D. C. 

Lawrence Charles Broad Maryland 

Lionel Brooks Maryland 

Lois Bucher Maryland 

Virginia Lenore Bunker Maryland 

Ethel Constance Burdett California 

Harald Albert Burgard Maryland 

Barbara Jean Burgess Maryland 

Ray Groves Burrington Maryland 

Holt Winn Buswell Maryland 

Charles Albert Buzzell Maryland 

Frank Bernard Cahn, II Maryland 

Kennard Bird Calfee Maryland 

John Lexow Call D. C. 

Robert Lee Callaway Maryland 

Barbara Ray Carpenter Maryland 

Howard Luers Carstens Maryland 

Douglass Watts Cassel Maryland 

John Torry Caton Maryland 

George Donald Causey Maryland 

Earl Nelson Chandler Maryland 

Marjorie Malko Cimmet Pennsylvania 

Joseph Donald Clagett, Jr Maryland 

Joan Ellen Clark Maryland 

Winifred Buckey Clemson Maryland 

Margaret Ellen Coates Maryland 

Sarah Rebecca Cohen D. C. 

Irving Frank Cohn Maryland 

Lew Garrison Coit, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Fiore Colella D. C. 

Walter Winter Conway Maryland 

Helen Frances Cook West Virginia 

Thomas Joseph Coonan Maryland 

Henry Shaw Cowan, Jr Maryland 

Martha Jean Crawford Maryland 

Robert Grant Crosswhite Maryland 

John Arthur Curtiss D. C. 

Wilbur Chamberlain Davis Maryland 

Patricia Dawson Maryland 

Charles Louis Deaton, Jr Maryland 

June Fay Degler Maryland 

Audrey Norma Dent Maryland 

Elaine Arlette Dickler Maryland 

Frank William Dinwiddle Maryland 

Eunice Maude Disney Maryland 

Franklin P. Dixon Maryland 

Barbara Dobres Maryland 

Thomas Webb Dodge Virginia 

Richard Evans Dodson Pennsylvania 

Howard Charles Donahue Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Dorsett Maryland 

Joyce G. Dravis New Jersey 

Merrill William Drennan Maryland 

Richard Lee Dunlap Maryland 

Joan McKie Dunne Virginia 

Letitia Louise Earll D. C. 

Murray O. Filer Maryland 

Louis Charles Eisenhauer Maryland 

Anna Marlene Eisenstein Maryland 

Suzanne Eleder Maryland 

Sophia Elman Maryland 

Jerome Epter Maryland 

Robert Sankey Ernst D. C. 

Harry Granville Ervin Maryland 

Elizabeth Berkeley Estep Maryland 


Phyllis Farbman Maryland 

Andrew Reed Farinacci, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Hersh Fedder Maryland 

Joseph Warren Feldman Maryland 

Lee Mitchell Feldstein Maryland 

Frances Patricia Fenton Maryland 

Betty Jean Ferguson Ohio 

Roger Ellis Fogle Maryland 

Thomas John Ford Maryland 

Ann Beverly Foster Maryland 

Richard Lee Friedman Maryland 

Clifton Frederick Gauss, Jr D. C. 

Joseph Greenberg Maryland 

David L. Greif, II D. C. 

Geraldine Selma Groh Maryland 

David Updegraff Groves D. C. 

Philip Emanuel Guarneri New York 

Stanley Samuel Gutin Maryland 

Harrison Puckette Hagemeyer, Jr D. C. 

Patricia Jeanne Hahner Maryland 

William Nicoll Hale, Jr Maryland 

John Walter Hall, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Noel Haller D. C. 

Arthur Robert Hamilton D. C. 

David Anson Hamlin Maryland 

Judith Boyd Harris North Carolina 

Clarence Leroy Harsher Maryland 

Frederick S. Hays, Jr Maryland 

Charles LeRoy Hebner Maryland 

Ronald Frederick Heemann Maryland 

Martha Lee Heise Maryland 

Dudley Jeffries Hill, Jr Maryland 

Erlene Hite Maryland 

Catherine Alice Hottel D. C. 

Harold Hartzell Houck Maryland 

Shirley Hovsha Maryland 

Ann Howard Maryland 

Richard Vincent Hughes Maryland 

Clifford Edwin Huhta Maryland 

Thomas Arthur Hussman, Jr Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth Jackson D. C. 

Betty Louise Jacob Maryland 

Judith Florence Jacobs D. C. 

Herbert Paul Jeffers Maryland 

Joyce Winifred Johnson Maryland 

Robert DeSales Johnston Maryland 

Robert Francis Jones Maryland 

Walter Woolford Jones Maryland 

Nyla Jane Jordan Florida 

John David Keefauver Maryland 

Kenneth Edwin Kefauver Maryland 

Helen Hazel Keith D. C. 

Leonard Benjamin Kelley Maryland 

Robert Leland Kellogg Maryland 

Catherine Ann Kelly Maryland 

Gordon R. Kindness Maryland 

Robert Wiltbank King Maryland 

Robert Steuart Knatz Maryland 

James Owen Knotts, III Maryland 

Jean Daingerfield Knox D. C. 

Sylvia Jocelyn Kotick Maryland 

Nicholas Kozay, Jr Pennsylvania 

Shirley Elayne Krause Maryland 

Mathew Krikstan Maryland 

John Lewis Lampe Maryland 

William John Lang Maryland 

Newman Smool Lee, Jr Maryland 

Philip Craig Lewis D. C. 

Oscar Austin Line Maryland 

Charles Coulbourn Littleton Maryland 

John Blake Lowe, Jr Maryland 

Jeannette Katherine Lynch Maryland 

James Grant MacFarlane, Jr Maryland 

Harry Leslie Madison D. C. 

Paul Hardin Magee, Jr Maryland 

Ann Dorothy Mallos D. C. 

George John Mamangakis New York 

Jerome Wolf Mandelberg Maryland 

Vivian Kay Margolis D. C. 

Albert Maslow Maryland 

Frank Arthur Masterson, Jr Maryland 

Phyllis Jean Mattingly D. C. 

Erwin Emanuel Mayer, Jr Maryland 

Mary McClenon Maryland 

Joseph Edward McGrath Pennsylvania 

Frederick Craig Meier D. C. 

Miriam Edna Mendenhall Pennsylvania 

Norma Ruth Mermelstein Maryland 

John Chester Merwin D. C. 

John Palm Miller Maryland 

Marvin Bryan Miller Maryland 

Nathan Miller Maryland 

Suzanne Adele Miller D. C. 

Milton Benjamin Millon Maryland 

Scott McCorkle Mitchell Maryland 

John Bernard Moffett D. C. 

Elvia Monteon California 

Basil Etherton Moore, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Arline Morgan Maryland 

Donald Samuel Mortimer Maryland 

Herbert Daniel Moses Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Moss Maryland 

Stuart Warren Mount D, C. 

John Richard Moyer Maryland 

Margaret Elaine Muhly Maryland 

William Lenox Mullen, Jr D. C. 

Edward Byrd Muth Maryland 

Jerome Sidney Naiman Maryland 

Emmett Hiram Nanna, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Norwitz Maryland 

Harry Marrero Ortiz Maryland 

James Osborn Maryland 

Barbara Jane Ostermayer Maryland 

Michael Richard Panich D, C. 

James Michael Panopoulos Maryland 

Peter Michael Panopoulos Maryland 

Joseph William Paravati, Jr D. C. 

John Thomas Parran, Jr Maryland 

Brent Van Swearingen Peabody Virginia 

Penelope Edelen Perkins Maryland 

John White Perry, Jr Maryland 

David Piatt Maryland 

George Piatt Maryland 

Joseph Klecka Pokorny Maryland 

Catherine Carter Prescott Maryland 

Mary King Price Maryland 

Nancy Jean Price Maryland 

George Nicholas Pulos Maryland 

Richard Warfield Raleigh Maryland 

Thomas Wilson Ray Maryland 

Roger Sherman Reigner Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Riddle Maryland 

Albert Rinner Maryland 

James Edward Ritter Maryland 

Irvin John Ritterpusch Maryland 

Jean Anne Robertson D. C. 

Milton Walter Robey D. C. 

Howard Steuart Rochlin Maryland 

Sheila Jean Rockwood Maryland 

Charles A. Roehl, Jr Maryland 

Phillips Clarke Rogers Maryland 

Tilman Elliott Rosenblatt Maryland 

Bernard David Rosenthal Maryland 

Victor Sheridan Ross, Jr Maryland 


Leah Joy Sauer Maryland 

Charles Perry Schaeffer D. C. 

Shelley Schaffer Cuba 

Cecil Jane Schechter Maryland 

Jean Lorraine Scheufele Maryland 

Irwin Max Schiller D. C. 

Marshall Schmier Maryland 

Roger Maurice Belt Schnell Maryland 

Phyllis Alma Schubert Maryland 

Samuel Louis Schwartzman Maryland 

Howard Jay Shear Maryland 

Paul Sheinman D. C. 

Reuben Nathan Shevitz Maryland 

John Edgar Shields Maryland 

Richard Thomas Shortess Maryland 

Paul Lamar Shriver Maryland 

Bernard Justin Shur Maryland 

Barbara Bing Smith D. C. 

Barbara Jean Smith Maryland 

Betsy Stark Smith Maryland 

Bettye Wilton Smith D. C. 

Charles Edward Smith, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Fay Smith Maryland 

Herman Sydney Smith, Jr Maryland 

William Harold Snape, Jr Maryland 

Richard Norman Snyder Pennsylvania 

Nadine Edelstein Speert Maryland 

John Paul Spock Pennsylvania 

Nancy Elizabeth Spurney Maryland 

Thomas Alfred Stanhope D. C. 

Joann Steely Maryland 

Patricia Jean Stegmaier Maryland 

Martha Sue Stender Marj^land 

Doris Virginia Stephen Maryland 

John Hewes Stetson Maryland 

Edward Charles P. Stewart Maryland 

Richard Justesen Stilling Maryland 

Robert Lee Stocksdale Maryland 

William Hughes Stokes, Jr Marj'^land 

Ruth Dunker Strack Maryland 

Rupert Linwood Strickland Maryland 

James Louis Tessier Maryland 

Samuel Tompakov Maryland 

Mary-Ellen Warfield Travers Maryland 

June Christine Tufft D. C. 

Ethelyn Juliza Twining Maryland 

Richard Baxter Umstead, Jr Maryland 

Wallace Earl Velander Maryland 

Charles Marden Vernay Maryland 

Harry Edward Victor Maryland 

Laura Graue Vogeler Maryland 

Anne von Schwerdtner Maryland 

Melvin Samuel Wachs Maryland 

John Edgar Waller, Jr Virginia 

Virginia McCeney Watson Maryland 

Judith Elaine Weinberg Maryland 

Anna Law Weise Maryland 

Orville Morton Weston, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Jack Wexler D. C. 

Philip Albert Weyforth Maryland 

Charles Royal White Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth White Maryland 

John Kelly White Massachusetts 

Vernon Charles White Maryland 

Frederick Calvert Wiebcl Maryland 

Anna Mildred Williams Maryland 

Juliana DuBois V/ilson Massachusetts 

Paul Grier Wilson, Jr Virginia 

Smallwood Leigh Wolfe Maryland 

Jack Denman Wood Maryland 

Gilda Lee Yerman Maryland 

Robert Zulin Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Baird Adams, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Goodwin Alexander Maryland 

Robert Langley Almond Maryland 

Louis Francis Amalfitano Delaware 

Thomas Eugene Amerault Maryland 

Virginia Lee Ault Maryland 

Peggy Ann Banzhoff Maryland 

Naomi Bassan Maryland 

Grace Florence Bassler Maryland 

Carlyle Benavent Puerto Rico 

Edward Harold Borgofsky Maryland 

Anthony A. Bernardo Rhode Island 

Grace Elizabeth Binkley Maryland 

Robert Woosley Bishop Pennsylvania 

Richard Clarence Blackburn Maryland 

Leo Frederick Blickley, Jr Pennsylvania 

Earl William Bowen Maryland 

Robert Clarence Bowers, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Nelson Brandt D, C. 

Edith Lucille Brinson Maryland 

Manly Francis Brohawn Maryland 

Daniel Wilson Brown Maryland 

James Carroll Bulger Connecticut 

Robert Main Burton Maryland 

Paul Gilbert Campbell Maryland 

William Joseph Campbell D. C. 

Donald Gilbert Carpenter Connecticut 

Angelo Larry Certo Pennsylvania 

H. Malcolm Childers Texas 

Anthony Robert Citrano Maryland 

Robert Warren Cline Maryland 

Edward Warren Coffin D. C. 

John Joseph Creamer Maryland 

Jeanne Elizabeth Crouch Maryland 

Charles Kenly Day Maryland 

Salvatore DeLorenzo New Jersey 

Carlos Diaz Puerto Rico 

Robert Bruce Doty Maryland 

Bernard Clarence Dove D. C. 

Dorothy Folsom Drummond D. C, 

Herbert Lewis Eckert Maryland 

William Herman Eisenberg Maryland 

Herman Charles Ellinghausen, Jr. 


Robert James Ellis D. C. 

Patricia Fell Maryland 

Nicholas James Fotos Maryland 

Frederick Arza Fox Maryland 

Everett Joseph Frazza Maryland 

Robert Theodore Frisa D. C. 

Homer Wilbert Frye, Jr Maryland 

Howard Lawrence Galloway, Jr Maryland 

Calvin Joseph Gaver Maryland 

Robert William Gebhardt Maryland 

Edward Earl Golden, Jr D. C. 

Marion Graham Florida 

William Richard Greco Maryland 

Robert Alvin Grubb Pennsylvania 

Arthur George Halverson Florida 

Kenneth Robert Hankin Maryland 

Leon Dudley HankofF Maryland 

Lucy Elizabeth Hartig Maryland 

William McKendree Headley Maryland 


Ernest Carl Herrmann, Jr Maryland 

William Stanley Hoffman Pennsylvania 

Asa George Hubbard, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Richard Hughes Washington 

Wartan Armin Jemian Maryland 

Frank Jewell, Jr Maryland 

Frank Menefee Kline Maryland 

Walter Anthony Konetzka Maryland 

Louis Henry Kraus, Jr Maryland 

Morton Morris Krieger Maryland 

William Daniel Kundin D. C. 

Loretta Ann Kurz Maryland 

Richard Herman Lang Maryland 

Glenn Robert Lange D. C. 

Herbert Jack Langenfelder Maryland 

Charles Wilson LaSerte Maryland 

Stanford A. Lavine Pennsylvania 

Edmond Riggs Leach Maryland 

Sol Leise Maryland 

John Leonard New York 

Herbert Joseph Levin Maryland 

David Thomas Le^vis Maryland 

Alton Lawrence Lineweaver Maryland 

Earl William Lowery Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Magnani D. C. 

Dolores Marie Mancin D. C. 

Walter Hamilton Martin, Jr Virginia 

John Stanley Maybee D. C. 

Dorothy Irene McCarthy Illinois 

Patricia Frances McGinnis D. C. 

Nancy Elizabeth Meredith Maryland 

William J. Milinchuk New Jersey 

Robert Coad Moore D, C. 

Harold Ellsworth Muma Maryland 

Richard Neil Maryland 

Donald Howard Nichols Pennsylvania 

Wharton Albert Nichols, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Anne Cartel D. C. 

Robert Leonard Olt Maryland 

Joe Manford Parks Missouri 

Franklin Raymond Parsons, Jr Maryland 

Donald Leslie Pierce Maryland 

Paul Leo Poelma Maryland 

Kenneth Elbert Price Maryland 

Malcolm Lee Rabinowich Maryland 

Jonas Ralph Rappeport Maryland 

John George Ray, Jr Maryland 

William Henry Reese, Jr Maryland 

George Wright Rever Maryland 

Samuel Rigling, Jr Maryland 

Franklin Bernard Ring Maryland 

Robert Reuel Richard Roberts Maryland 

David Walter Robertson Maryland 

Martha Howard Rollison Virginia 

George Lynn Romoser Maryland 

William Daniel Rosson Maryland 

William George Scharpf Maryland 

Kurt August Schilling D. C. 

Jack Van Dyke Schultheis Maryland 

Robert Wade Seniff Maryland 

Michael Anthony Shimkus Maryland 

William Francis Sjoborg, Jr Maryland 

Harry Kenneth Sleeman Maryland 

Mary Lee DeVilbiss Smelser Maryland 

Mason Paul Smith Maryland 

Willard Newell Smith Maryland 

Charles Frederick Smyser, Jr Maryland 

Warren Arthur Snyder Maryland 

Alvin Stambler Maryland 

Matthew Chester Stankiewicz.... Connecticut 

Anne Wesson Stone Virginia 

George Richard Sugar D. C. 

Anita Lorraine Teagarden Maryland 

Robert Ferdinand Tomsko Maryland 

Harold William Tracy, Jr Maryland 

Ira Nathan Tublin Maryland 

William Bruce Tuemmler Maryland 

Edith Ellen Viereck Maryland 

Hugh Egmont Vroman Maryland 

George Harry Wall Maryland 

George Robert Walter, Jr D. C. 

Bryan Pope Warren, Jr Maryland 

Irving Bernard Warsinger D. C. 

Hubert Frank Werner Maryland 

Charles Edward Wilkes Maryland 

Robert Philip Wilkins Maryland 

Jerome Williams Maryland 

Donald Anthony Wolfel Maryland 

Malcolm Sinclair Worgan Maryland 

Phyllis Jeanne Zimmerman D. C. 


Bachelor of Arts 

James Carroll Beese, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas Ronald Congiundi New Jersey 

William Lewis Dalrymple, Jr Maryland 

Herman Alfonso di Brandi Maryland 

Daniel Marvin Fink Maryland 

Mary Frances Gill D. C. 

Suzanne Macomb Greene D. C. 

Helen Jane Hamlin Maryland 

William David Hutchinson Virginia 

Martin Leonard Kundin D. C. 

Faith Maria Lambrides Maryland 

John Robert McCool Pennsylvania 

James M. Mead, Jr Maryland 

Janice Irene Meredith Maryland 

Paul Ferdinand Muller, Jr New Jersey 

Elizabeth Jane Powers D. C. 

Pauline Mary Ritayik Maryland 

Carlos Sanchez-Astor Puerto Rico 

Leonard M. Tompakov Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Steve Evangelos Fochios Maryland 

Willis Scott Glidden D. C. 

Alvin Leroy Jones Pennsylvania 

Joseph Howard Manning Maryland 

Kathryn Lucille Sommerkamp D. C. 

Thomas Bonner Stewart Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Edward Harold Bergofsky 
Barbara Ray Carpenter 
Robert Wiltbank King 
Helen Elizabeth White 
Everett Joseph Frazza 
Joseph Edward McGrath 
Eunice Maude Disney 
Mary McClenon 
Leon Dudley Hankoff 
Daniel Richard Hughes 
Helen Frances Cook 
Charles Baird Adams, Jr. 
Walter Anthony Konetzka 
Frank Jewell, Jr. 
George Harry Wall 
Reuben Nathan Shevitz 
Juliana Dubois Wilson 
Philip Craig Lewis 
Samuel Tompakov 
Malcolm Lee Rabinowich 
William Bruce Tuemmler 
Alvin Stambler 
Robert DeSales Johnston 
Joe Manford Parks 
Ann Howard 
Joyce G. Dravis 
Robert Leonard Olt 
George Richard Sugar 
Ira Nathan Tublin 
Robert William Gebhardt 
Vivian Kay Margolis 
John Edgar Shields 
Harold Hartzell Houck 
Irwin Max Schiller 
Shelley Schaffer 
John Arthur Curtiss 
Frank William Dinwiddle 
Erlene Hite 

Donald Gilbert Carpenter 
Peter Michael Panopoulos 
James Michael Panopoulos 
Stanley Samuel Gutin 
Paul Sheinman 
Virginia Lee Ault 

Second Honors 

Louis Charles Eisenhauer 
Sophia Elman 
Shirley Balser 
Robert Philip Wilkins 
Kenneth Elbert Price 
Phillip Emanuel Guarneri 
Frederick Calvert Wiebel 
Arthur George Halverson 
Richard Norman Snyder 
George John Mamangakis 
Robert Alvin Grubb 
Frederick Arza Fox 
Morton Morris Krieger 
Bernard Justin Shur 
Roger Maurice Belt Schnell 
Stanford A. Lavine 
Ernest Carl Herrmann, Jr. 
John Kelly White 
Frederick Craig Meier 
Edith Ellen Viereck 
William Daniel Kundin 
William Charles Britt 
George Piatt 
Helen Elizabeth Riddle 
Donald Anthony Wolf el 
Cecil Jane Schechter 
June Christine Tufft 
Michael Richard Panich 
Clifford Edwin Huhta 
Harry Granville Ervin 
Edward Charles P. Stewart 
William Henry Reese, Jr. 
Lawrence Nelson Brandt 
Edith Lucille Brinson 
Kurt August Schilling 
Barbara Dobres 
Peggy Ann Banzhoff 
Robert Leland Kellogg 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Agress Maryland 

Harris Glover Andrews, Jr D. C. 

Jackson Herbert Appleby Maryland 

Rudy Arena New York 

William Edward Armstrong Maryland 

George Arnold Maryland 

Herbert Benjamin Ashley Maryland 

John R. Athey Maryland 

Donald Edward Balderson Virginia 

Joseph James Ball Maryland 

John Robert Banks Maryland 

James Hamilton Bartley Maryland 

George William Baude Maryland 

William Earle Bauer D. C. 

Donald Howard Baxter D. C. 

Dorothy Ann Bay Maryland 

Edward Dowell Beall Maryland 

Raymond David Beard Maryland 

Howard Clinton Beck, III Maryland 

Howard Melvin Becker Maryland 

Garrison Warfield Bell, Jr Maryland 

James Lee Beller D. C. 

Charles Custer Bender Maryland 

Charles Clark Benson Maryland 

Frances Bernacki New Jersey 

Marvin Lee Bernstein D. C. 

Stanley Sidney Billian Maryland 

Allen Raymond Biskin Maryland 

Thomas Stevenson Blair Maryland 

Richard Lidio Blanco New Jersey 

Morton Blank Maryland 

Edward Albert Blick Maryland 

Robert Israel Block Maryland 

Horace Vories Boswell, Jr D. C. 

Robert Lee Bounds Maryland 


Kenneth George Boyd Maryland 

Robert Shipley Boyd Maryland 

John Joseph Boyle Pennsylvania 

Peter Anthony Bozick Maryland 

John Randolph Brantley, Jr Maryland 

Julius Braverman Maryland 

William Edward Brazis Massachusetts 

Ivan Bernard Brendler D. C. 

Roy Stanley Brenner Maryland 

Gerald Jack Brody D. C. 

Joseph Allen Brown D. C. 

Robert Taylor Brown Maryland 

William Brown New York 

Wayne Owen Brubaker Maryland 

Harold Edwin Bruce D. C. 

Willis Coffman Brunk Maryland 

Louis Joseph Brusini Maryland 

Edwin Franklin Burnley Maryland 

Walter Raymond Burns Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Burrier, Jr Maryland 

Earl Melville Bushong, Jr Maryland 

Francis Morris Butler New York 

Herman Carl Butler Maryland 

Carroll Matthew Cannoles Maryland 

Angelo Joseph Capizola New Jersey 

William Bernard Cavanaugh Maryland 

Joseph Forrest Cavey Maryland 

Joseph Cenatempo Connecticut 

Ralph John Chastka Virginia 

Richard Eugene Chatelain Maryland 

Donald Rhodes Chesser Maryland 

Harry Edward Christie Maryland 

Robert Bowie Clagett Maryland 

John Webb Clayland Maryland 

Thomas Charles Cochrane Maryland 

Alvin Maxwell Cohen Maryland 

Anna Comisarow Pennsylvania 

George Quentin Conover Maryland 

Joseph Kemp Cook D, C. 

William Reed Cook Nebraska 

William Collier Cooley Maryland 

William Laurence Cooney Maryland 

Howard Coplan Maryland 

Robert William Corkran Maryland 

Jeanne Cornell D. C. 

Walter Cortese New Jersey 

Cynthia Constance Cotton Maryland 

Doris Mae Crewe Maryland 

Carl Francis Crowe Maryland 

Harry J. Crystal Maryland 

Louis Culiner Maryland 

Elliott L. Curtis Maryland 

Irving William Cushner Maryland 

William Edward Dasch Maryland 

Frederick Edgar Davis Maryland 

Herbert Alan Davis *D. C. 

John Charles Davis Maryland 

Ralph Gray Davis Maryland 

William Frederick Davis Maryland 

Ralph Herman Deckelbaum Maryland 

Donald Walter DeHaven Maryland 

Davis Bates Deibert Maryland 

Frederick Harrison Denston Maryland 

Anthony Joseph DiMaggio New Jersey 

Joseph Huff Dobson Maryland 

James Broughton Dobyns Marj'land 

Calvin Earl Donnelly Maryland 

Richard Rodgers Dorney Maryland 

Paul Robert Dougherty Maryland 

Edwin William Dowling D, C. 

H, Hackett Downes Maryland 

Robert Bruce Drake Maryland 

Madison Booth Dunlap Maryland 

J. Robert Dyche Maryland 

Robert Carl Ebersberger Maryland 

Robert Hamilton Edmunds Maryland 

David Franklin Edwards, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Coursey Edwards Maryland 

William Charles Edwards Maryland 

John LeRoy Ellis Maryland 

Barbara Stealey Elms Maryland 

Neil Johnson Emrich Maryland 

Sylman Isaac Euzent Maryland 

Francis Vito Fabrizio D. C. 

Kenneth Eugene Fay Pennsylvania 

Donald Phillip Feldman Maryland 

Harold David Feldman Maryland 

George Morris Fetrow Maryland 

Harold William Fisk, Jr Pennsylvania 

Harvey Clark Flemister, Jr Maryland 

Walter Corbin Flensburg Maryland 

Robert Stansbury Foard, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Wilbur Fowler Maryland 

Nathan Bernard Fradin Maryland 

Charles Philip Freeland Maryland 

William Stuart Gaines D. C. 

Barbara Languth Galatian Maryland 

John Francis Garrity Maryland 

Norman Franklin Geatz, Jr Maryland 

Peter Alan Geis Maryland 

Herbert Marvin Gelfand D. C. 

Lawrence William Gellner Maryland 

Leonard Otto Gerber New York 

Arnold Myron Gibbs Maryland 

Samuel James Gibson Maryland 

Eugene Callow Gies Maryland 

Ralph Thomas Gies Maryland 

John Francis Gillan New York 

Comer Wiley Gilstrap, Jr D. C. 

Richard Martin Gjerulff Maryland 

John Joseph Click Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Gogarty D. C. 

Franklin Goldstein Maryland 

George Donald Goodman Maryland 

Paul Perry Gordon Maryland 

Hugh Tayloe Gouldman, Jr D. C. 

Henry Jacob Grathw^ol, Jr Maryland 

Carlton Warren Green Maryland 

John Mayrant Greenfield Maryland 

Herbert Lewis Greiner, Jr Maryland 

Vincent Richard Grillo, Jr Maryland 

Elry M. Groves Maryland 

George Louis Haag New York 

Robert Lee Hafer, Jr West Virginia 

Andrew Leon Haislip, Jr Maryland 

John Trimble Halliday Maryland 

Eugene Lloyd Hambleton Maryland 

Robert Warren Hammond D. C. 

William Lee Hansbrough Maryland 

John Henry Hansen Maryland 

Gust Burdell Hanson New York 

Nick Gus Harris Maryland 

William Joseph Hart, Jr Maryland 

Ward Gaither Hartsock Maryland 

Winfield Baker Harward Maryland 

Lewis Terry Hatcher Maryland 

Louis Milton Hause, Jr Maryland 

Emory Allen Heaps Maryland 

Edward Ray Hearn Maryland 

William John Hearn Maryland 

Gerald Legare Heatley Maryland 

George Charles Heider, Jr D, C. 

James Michael Henderson Maryland 


Ronald Clarence Henderson Maine 

William Sanford Hepner, Jr Maryland 

LeRoy James Herbert New Jersey 

Lindsey Bruce Herd, Jr Maryland 

Robert Hendricks Heron Maryland 

Paul Martin Herron Virginia 

Martha Ann Hewitt Maryland 

William Corcoran Hill, Jr Maryland 

Jack Vinnedge Himes Pennsylvania 

Robert Newton Hinds Maryland 

John Lloyd Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Fletcher LeRoy Houck, Jr Maryland 

John Banks Houck, Jr Maryland 

Clyde Fred Houle Maryland 

Morgan Wynn Huff Virginia 

Barbara Joyce Hughes Maryland 

Lyle Emory Hutchison, Jr D. C. 

Gordon Robert Irwin Mexico 

Paul R. Jaeck, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Wallace Jett Virginia 

Ernest Linwood Johnson, Jr Virginia 

John Elmer Johnson New Jersey 

Glendon Burke Justice, Jr Virginia 

William Kahn Maryland 

Raymond Kalvan Maryland 

Robert Henry Karlowa Maryland 

Robert Herman Katz Maryland 

William Bernard Kelley Maryland 

Donald John Kennedy Maryland 

Austin Gilmore Kenny New York 

Wilmer Matthew Kerbe Maryland 

Leonard Hamilton Kilbourne Maryland 

John Clay Kingery Virginia 

Robert Milton Kirby, Jr New Jersey 

Lee Klavans Maryland 

Alfred Kleinman Maryland 

David W. Kornblatt Maryland 

Maxwell Simon Kraft D. C. 

James Monroe Kreiter D. C. 

Charles Paul Kretzschmar Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Kroeger Maryland 

Theodore Frederick Krug Maryland 

Marilyn Lucille Kuhn Maryland 

Hugo Louis Kuntz Maryland 

Anthony Shea LaFleur Massachusetts 

Edward Allan Laird Maryland 

Marshall Riland Lample Maryland 

John Bernard Lapetina Virginia 

Calvin Russell Leatherwood Maryland 

Robert L. Leatherwood Maryland 

Charles Steele Lee Maryland 

Roy Raymond Lee, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Leitzel Maryland 

Jack Lerner Maryland 

Samuel Meyer Levin Maryland 

David Levine Maryland 

Richard Lionel Levine Maryland 

Robert Harrison L'Hommedieu D. C. 

Alvin Donald Liebman D. C. 

John Sebastian Linz Maryland 

Morris Litow Maryland 

William Thomas Littleton Maryland 

Bernard Leo Long Maryland 

Charles Sherman Loucks California 

Henry Alexander Lowry, Jr Maryland 

Robert Numsen Lucke Maryland 

Robert Joseph Ludwig Illinois 

Robert Joseph Maiersperger Maryland 

James David Manning Maryland 

Albert Henry Marcey Maryland 

Charles Keith Marshall Maryland 

Chester Nolan Martin Maryland 

John Elwood Matson D. C. 

Edward Patrick Matthews, Jr Maryland 

Robert Philip Maul Maryland 

Dallas Sutton Maxwell Maryland 

Edward Basil McAllister. D. C. 

James Christopher McCann Maryland 

Lloyd William McChesney Maryland 

Paul Herbert McCloskey Maryland 

Joseph Lewis McCoy Maryland 

Robert Johnston McCutcheon, Jr.. .Maryland 

George G. H. McDaniel, Jr Maryland 

Charles Alan McDougal D. C. 

Jean Frances McKeown D. C. 

John Dillon Meagher Maryland 

Frederick Donald Mears D. C. 

Robert Seward Menson New York 

John Edward Merceron, Jr Maryland 

Carlton Harold Miller Maryland 

Murray Leroy Miller, Jr Maryland 

William Edward Miller Maryland 

Willis Jackson Miller Virginia 

Charles Franklin Mittleman Maryland 

David Thomas Moessbauer Maryland 

William Levin Moore Maryland 

James Arthur Morris Maryland 

Joan Notre Dame Morrison Maryland 

Elmer Louis Morsberger Maryland 

William Lee Mothersole Maryland 

Philip Charles Muller New Jersey 

Jose Munoz, Jr Puerto Rico 

Robert Joseph Murchake Maryland 

Ernest Conrad Muths, Jr Maryland 

Walter Daniel Myers, Jr Maryland 

Robert Carl Naehr Maryland 

Barton Stewart Nagle Maryland 

Edward Joseph Neff, Jr D. C. 

John Richard Newman Maryland 

David Rogers Norcross Maryland 

Paul Julian Norment Maryland 

Sylvan Offit Maryland 

Joseph Sands Olcott D. C. 

Warren Evans Olt Maryland 

Frank Richard Olund D. C. 

Daniel James Ostrowski Maryland 

William Smith Ovitt Maryland 

Eugene LeRoy Pahl Maryland 

Alfred Gordon Palmateer Virginia 

Eugene Phillip Parker Maryland 

Orville Hilson Parks, Jr Maryland 

Serene Watechell Parrish Maryland 

Howard Emory Peddicord, III Maryland 

Thomas Pedersen, Jr Maryland 

Mayer Martin Perel Maryland 

Daniel Silvin Perlberg Maryland 

Tania Perry D. C. 

John Francis Peterman, Jr Maryland 

Norman Frederick Phillips Maryland 

Alan Brian Pilot Maryland 

William Denning Poling, Jr Maryland 

John William Powder, Jr Maryland 

Marshall Prakard Powell Virginia 

John Prassina Maryland 

Donald Myron Price Delaware 

Arnold Prigal Maryland 

Robert Alvin Propf, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Edwin Pruett Maryland 

Byron Wilburn Purdy Maryland 

Norman Rabineau D. C. 

Edward Owens Randall, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Victor Raphel Maryland 

Jesse Albert Rawley, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Reed Maryland 

Thomas Gardner Regan Maryland 

Paul Emerson Reising Maryland 

Jeanne Clayton Reynolds Maryland 

James Wilson Rice, Jr Maryland 


Charles Warren Riggs Maryland 

Samuel Riggs, IV Maryland 

Robert Lee Riley Marj'land 

Stanley McKenzie Robertson, II.. ..Maryland 

James Barnett Robinson Maryland 

Edwin Yetton Rodda Virginia 

Eugene Asbury Rogers D. C. 

Wilfred Romanoff Maryland 

Duncan Roemer Rose Virginia 

Herbert Rothberg D. C. 

George Charles Rudolphi Maryland 

Albert Joseph Rutkowski Maryland 

Farris Sadak 'D. C. 

Irving Lee Saltz Maryland 

Allen Robert Samuels Maryland 

Julian Edward Sante New York 

William Charles Schenke Maryland 

Julius C. Schlausky Maryland 

Frederick John Schneider Maryland 

Edward Leonard Schwartz D. C. 

Donald Thomas Schweitzer Maryland 

Frank William Seibert New Jersey 

Alex Thurman Shaner Maryland 

Herbert Shapiro Maryland 

William Anthony Sheck New York 

Lee Martin Sherman Maryland 

Irving Siegel Maryland 

Irving Simon Maryland 

Robert Franklin Simpson Maryland 

Manuel F. Siverio Puerto Rico 

Dewitt Lamar Slay, Jr D. C. 

Carl F. Smith Maryland 

James Robert Smith Maryland 

Jerome Kaufmann Smith Maryland 

Robert Hilton Smith !d. C. 

Earl Hector Smoot Maryland 

Max Edward Snouffer Maryland 

James Marcel Snyder Maryland 

Milton Joseph Socolar D. C. 

Leonard Alexander Solomon Maryland 

Robert Lewis Solomon Maryland 

Bryan Oscar Sorensen Maryland 

Patricia Anne Spears Virginia 

William Blanchet Spiva, Jr Maryland 

William Thomas Stanley Maryland 

George William Steele Maryland 

Joseph Henry Steer Virginia 

John Phillip Stephens Maryland 

Edwin Mariner Sterling Maryland 

Helen Hall Stilson 'D. C. 

Hugh Chandler Stith D. C. 

Earl Dwight Stouffer, Jr Maryland 

Wilson Melvin Street Maryland 

Carroll Eugene Summers Maryland 

Joseph Robert Sungenis Maryland 

Gilbert Young Tauscher, Jr IMaryland 

Murray Caldwell Taylor Maryland 

Walter Clyburn Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Andrew Norman Thater Maryland 

Jeremiah Absalom Thuma Maryland 

Henry Lee Tilghman Maryland 

Harry Martin Trebing Maryland 

Jerome Bertram Trout, Jr Maryland 

John Andrew Trusheim Maryland 

Alfred Frank Tuminski Pennsylvania 

Earl Dean Uhler, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Utman Maryland 

Leo Van Munching, Jr Connecticut 

Philip Harold Volk Maryland 

Bernard Frederick von Ahn Maryland 

Lawrence Gibbon Votta Maryland 

John Patrick Watters Maryland 

Donald Harold Weber Maryland 

William Richard Weber Maryland 

Louis Robert Weinstein D. C. 

Melvin Joseph Weinstein Maryland 

Charles Iver Werner Connecticut 

Richard Fetzer Werner D. C. 

Robert Arthur Wettling Maryland 

Daniel Sayler Weybright, Jr Maryland 

Robert Gibson Wheeler Maryland 

Calvin Martin White Maryland 

John Henry White, Jr Maryland 

Jack Whitlock Maryland 

Kenneth Allan Wilcox Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Wilkinson Maryland 

Robert Allen Will Maryland 

Edward Wilkins Williams Maryland 

James Way Williams Maryland 

Lawrence Edgar Williams, Jr Maryland 

Robert Emmet Williams, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Leighton Williford D. C. 

Alday Clements Wilson Maryland 

William Frederick Wolfe, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Albert Wolpert Maryland 

Walter F. Yienger, Jr Maryland 

Robert William Yordy Maryland 

Meredith Loy Yost Maryland 

Everett Charles Younger Maryland 

Howard Francis Zoarski Connecticut 


Bachelor of 

Eleanor Marion Ballinger Maryland 

Allen Morton Eisenstein Maryland 

Jerold Kenneth Fasick Maryland 

Karl Erwin Fasick D. C. 

Robert William Hansen Maryland 

Vernon Andrew Jackson New Jersey 

Thomas Wingfield Jamison Maryland 

LeRoy Vernon Leon Maryland 

Monroe Willard Martin Maryland 


William Coolidge Myers Maryland 

John Davis Poole Maryland 

Joseph Howard Richmond Maryland 

Donald Atherton Ryan D. C. 

Edmund Thomas Scallon New York 

William Robert Sinclair Maryland 

Robert Allen Speert Maryland 

Walter Franklin Wigley, Jr Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Charles Warren Riggs 
James Marcel Snyder 
Samuel Albert Wolpert 
Franklin Goldstein 
Joseph Forrest Cavey 
Robert Allen Will 
Gust Burdell Hanson 
James Michael Henderson 
Eugene LeRoy Pahl 
Dorothy Helen Kroeger 
Calvin Earl Donnelly 
Roy Stanley Brenner 
Ralph John Chastka 
Edward Basil McAllister 
Willis Coffman Brunk 
Leonard Otto Gerber 
Lloyd William McChesney 
Robert Hilton Smith 
John Robert Banks 
Frances Bernacki 

Edward Dowell Beall 
Davis Bates Deibert 
Willis Jackson Miller 
Irving Simon 
Edwin Mariner Sterling 
Marvin Lee Bernstein 
William Edward Armstrong 
Barbara Joyce Hughes 
Robert Bowie Clagett 
Farris Sadak 
Harry Martin Trebing 
William Anthony Sheck 
Charles Paul Kretzschmar 
Alex Thurman Shaner 
Carroll Matthew Cannoles 
Eugene Phillip Parker 
Earl Hector Smoot 
Robert Emmet Williams, Jr. 
John Mayrant Greenfield 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dale Cole Anderson Maryland 

Frances Isabel Anthony Maryland 

Richard Thomas Aydinian New York 

Harry Moore Bratt, Jr New Jersey 

Roy Fillmore Burgess, Jr Maryland 

Anne Warrington Carr Maryland 

Evelyn V. Church D. C. 

Virginia Harwood Collins Maryland 

Molly Coppel Maryland 

Clifford Paul Growers Maryland 

Margaret Danforth Maryland 

Donald MacKenzie Davis, Jr D. C. 

Mary McCurdy Davis Maryland 

Rudolph Vincent DePaola Maryland 

Charles Herbert Dick D. C. 

Florence de LaBarre Duke Maryland 

Betty Ruth Ehlers Maryland 

Gloria Lee Engnoth Maryland 

George Falk D. C. 

Irene Fishman Maryland 

Robert Foster New Jersey 

Margaret Dorothy Fowler Maryland 

Robert Charles Gregorius Virginia 

Arthur Charles Henne New York 

Herman William Jackson Maryland 

Elizabeth Lyon Jobe D. C. 

Estelle Levine Maryland 

Edward LeRoy Longley, Jr Maryland 

John Edwin Main D. C. 

George Harold McDonough, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Francis Milbourne Pennsylvania 

Louise Lee Moore Maryland 

Nancy Armwell Moore Maryland 

Paul Andrew Norfolk Maryland 

Joseph Roland Oden Maryland 

Margaret Swormstedt Ortel Maryland 

Joshua M. Potter Maryland 

George Millard Preston Maryland 

Eunice Charlotte Ritchie D. C. 

Phyllis Jeanne Ritter Maryland 

Cora Lynne Rossmann Maryland 

Jacquelyn Mitchell Runkle Maryland 

Patricia Ruth Scanlan Maryland 

Kenneth Edwin Spilman Maryland 

Ellen Louise Sudlow Maryland 

Diane Maxine Thompson D. C. 

Milton Velder Maryland 

Dorothy R. Weber Maryland 

Emil Arthur Westerinen Maryland 

Charles Abel Wilson Maryland 

Adele E. Wojciechowski Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Rose Adams Maryland 

Lambert Lament Anderson Maryland 

John Lewis Armacost Maryland 

Paul Major Ash Indiana 

Jodean Askin Maryland 

Daniel Austerlitz Maryland 

Jack Walter Auth Maryland 

John Jacob Avril New York 

Earl Winters Bachtell Maryland 

Andrew Thomas Ball Maryland 

Thomas Woodrow Barbee Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Baroniak Maryland 

Madge Beauman Iowa 

Milton Israel Beresonsky Maryland 

Hilda Bernhardt Maryland 

Robert Ira Bickford, Jr Maryland 

Eunice Hannah Boin Maryland 

Jean Chaddock Bolch Maryland 

Katharine Bishop Brady Maryland 

Donald McCauley Buck Maryland 

Gilbert Aguirre Carrillo Maryland 

Lura Lee Cobb Maryland 

Michael James Connelly Maryland 

Patricia Anne Connors D. C. 

Betty Jean Cooper D. C. 

Janet Lee Crandall Maryland 


Jean Mae Culbert Pennsylvania 

Betty Pogue Dalrjrmple Maryland 

Forrest Anthony Davis West Virginia 

Phyllis Lain Davis Maryland 

Richard Davis Dean Maryland 

Phyllis Ritchie DeHaven Maryland 

Richard Joseph Dent Maryland 

Ethel Virginia Dorsey Maryland 

Oscar Herbert DuBois Maryland 

Barbara Lloyd Durst Maryland 

John Edwards, III Pennsylvania 

Elliott Raphael Epstein Maryland 

Virginia Escouflaire Maryland 

Elaine Forman Maryland 

Vernon Theodore Fox, Jr Maryland 

Wilbur Chester Fox Maryland 

Myer Friedberg D. C. 

Charlotte Jay Friedman D. C. 

Esther Earl Fudge Mississippi 

Rodger Lawrence Gellhaus Maryland 

Joan Dolores Giannetti Maryland 

Marvin Phillip Goldberg Maryland 

Herbert H. Gorin D, C. 

James Luther Grosh Maryland 

Robert Wilbur Hanauer Maryland 

Donald Elmer Hansel Maryland 

Doris Keseling Hare Maryland 

William Milton Harris D. C. 

Leo Vincent Heaney Maryland 

Walter Henry Heidernian, Jr Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Herr Maryland 

Claude Huntley Hilliard D. C. 

Andrew John Hinlicky Maryland 

Theresa Marie Hisley Maryland 

Harlan Maxwell Hoover Maryland 

Pearre DuBrutz Jacques Maryland 

Mary Edythe Jarrell Maryland 

William Frederick Jeffres Maryland 

Peggy Payne Johnston Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Jones Maryland 

Frances Ann Keefauver Maryland 

Harold Edward Keller Maryland 

Ronald Richard Kellough Maryland 

Charles Raymond Kilbourne Maryland 

Marguerite Mary Klein Maryland 

Charles Eugene Kolb Maryland 

Charles James Kramer Maryland 

Sylvia Frances Helena Lachman.... Maryland 

Robert Lee Lambdin Maryland 

Edna Virginia Legg Maryland 

Emma Magdalene Leroy Maryland 

Jean Evelyn Lowry D. C. 

William Peyton MacLeod Maryland 

Donald Wilson Mader D. C. 

Mary Faith Maher D. C. 

Virginia Clark Martin D. C. 

Clara Mary McGovern Maryland 

Kathryn E. Morrow Maryland 

Audrey Belle Mowen Maryland 

Patricia May Murray New York 

Henry James Nary Maryland 

Margaret Benning Nelson Maryland 

Mary Frances Neville D. C. 

James Philip Norris Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Paterson Maryland 

Samuel Hanson Patterson Maryland 

Anne Rose Pecukonis Maryland 

Robert Hamilton Pentz, Jr Maryland 

Chester Arthur Peregoy, III Maryland 

Stella May Perkins Maryland 

Theo Lorenz Pilot Texas 

Samuel Ralph Preston Maryland 

Evelyn Lucretia Puryear Maryland 

Frederick Carl Reitze, Jr Maryland 

Girard Irving Reynolds Maryland 

Robert Wayne Reynolds Maryland 

Wallace Russell Roby Maryland 

Rita Lea Rosenfeld D. C.- 
John Anthony Sansone Maryland 

Charles Vity Sarpalis Maryland 

Dorothy Anne Schaffer Maryland 

Joan Rena Scherr Maryland 

Frederick Harold Schmick Maryland 

Harold GrifRth Schmickley, Jr Maryland 

Mary Joan Schoeb Maryland 

Eugene Thompson Schrider Maryland 

Nancy Steiner Schroeder Mai'yland 

Grace Elizabeth Shaw Maryland 

Frank Gibney Shields Connecticut 

John William Sleeman Maryland 

Carolyn Graham Smith Maryland 

Paul John Sniegoski Maryland 

Samuel Sokolow Maryland 

Naomi Marie Stafford Maryland 

Earl Russell Sterlock Maryland 

Herbert Paul Strack, Jr Maryland 

Adele Rita Tapper Maryland 

Patricia Ann Taylor Maryland 

Martha Ann Waldron Maryland 

Dorothy Schochet Wall Maryland 

Shirley Jane Watson Maryland 

Ruth Prudence Warrenfeltz Maryland 

Richard Jay Wasserman Maryland 

Chester John Wesolowski Maryland 

Clarence Lamont Whipp Pennsylvania 

Charles Isaac Wiles, Jr Maryland 

Jenifer Cruikshank Williams D. C. 

Robert Henry Willner Maryland 

Robert Lownes Wilson Maryland 

Walter Wojcicki New Jersey 

Martin Sylvester Wolfe D. C. 

Eugene Field Wood, Jr Maryland 

Charles Hopkins Yarger D. C. 

Donald Lee Zimmerman Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 

Rudolf Charles Freyeisen 

Trepola Dunkle Pennsylvania 

Jean Page Dye Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Adalene M. Adams D. C. 

Paye Adams Maryland 

Leo C. Bennett Maryland 

Velma Frances Blevins Maryland 

Louis Edward Brown Maryland 

Inez Moorehead Bush Maryland 

Mary Louise Bush D. C. 

Margaret Reitz Coleman Maryland 

Eileen McHale Collier Maryland 

Norma Lowery Epps D. C. 


Charles B. Fisher Maryland 

Winifred Boettcher Fowler Maryland 

Blanche Faust Franklin Maryland 

Chauncey Mason Friend Maryland 

Anna Sue Harvey West Virginia 

Alice Fleming Hignutt Maryland 

Francis Lyman Huff Maryland 

Robert Warren Hurley Maryland 

Augusta DuVal Johnson Maryland 

Helen Dora Jones Maryland 

Joseph Simon Kosisky, Jr Maryland 

Dolores Scott Lloyd Maryland 

Catherine Mullen Long Maryland 

Annie May MacLellan Maryland 

Harper Leroy Marlow Maryland 

Paul Ellsworth Massey Pennsylvania 

Mildred Morris Maryland 

Harold Calvin Moser Maryland 

Bessie Williamson Parr Maryland 

Martha Williams Pointer Maryland 

Margaret Jean Richardson Maryland 

Lawrence Raymond Townsend Maryland 

Jane Gray Wheeler Maryland 

William Arthur Wockenfuss Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Elizabeth Lyon Jobe 
John Jacob Avril 
Herman William Jackson 
Henry James Nary 
Samuel Hanson Patterson 
Charles Hopkins Yarger 
Emil Arthur Westerinen 
Edna Virginia Legg 
Cora Lynne Rossmann 
HarlanMaxwell Hoover 
Ruth Prudence Warrenfeltz 
Evelyn Lucretia Puryear 
Evelyn V. Church 
Arthur Charles Henne 
Florence de LaBarre Duke 

Second Honors 

Clifford Paul Crowers 
Charles Eugene Kolb 
George Harold McDonough 
Robert Henry Willner 
Irene Fishman 
Rita Lee Rosenfeld 
Molly Coppel 
Mary Edythe Jarrell 
Frances Ann Keef auver 
Paul Major Ash 
Chester John Wesolowski 
Mildred Elizabeth Jones 
George Falk 
Harry Moore Bratt, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

William Christ Alexion Maryland 

Kenneth Daniel Allen Maryland 

John H. Amacher Pennsylvania 

Stephen Edgar Asendorf Maryland 

Eugene Samuel Bailey, Ji' Maryland 

William Rugh Bailey D. C. 

Edward Friedline Barnhart Maryland 

William Nelson Barret, Jr D. C. 

Charles Norman Bates D. C. 

Raphael Michael Battaglini D. C. 

Donald LeRoy Bechtold Maryland 

Richard Edwin Berger D. C. 

Stanford Warner Berman D. C. 

Ervin Riley Beville Maryland 

Lester Samuel Birely, Jr Maryland 

Robert Jerome Blair Maryland 

Walter James Blumberg D. C. 

Bernard Melvin Boehnlein Maryland 

Arnold Jason Bogan Maryland 

Gilbert Pleasant I3ohn Maryland 

Calvin Clayton Boone Maryland 

Harry Thomas Brackett Virginia 

Robert Russel Brannan Maryland 

Charles Hellings Bredall D. C. 

Eugene Robert Briggeman Maryland 

Herbert Philip Brockman Maryland 

Richard Lee Brodell Maryland 

Earle Willard Brown Maryland 

Irwin Manning Brown, Jr Maryland 

Robert Louis Brown Maryland 

William Robert Brown, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Buckley Maryland 

Russell Ayres Bunn Maryland 

Walter Elwood Burke Maryland 

Jerome Montgomery Butler, Jr Maryland 

Charles Elmer Campbell Maryland 

Thomas Dawson Canby Maryland 

Richard Stephen Carleton D. C. 

John Edward Casson Maryland 

Thomas Bradley Catchings Maryland 

Anthony Michael Cerra Pennsylvania 

Maynard Reynaud Chance California 

Vernon Clair Christensen Maryland 

Alfred James Clark Maryland 

Donald Frederick Clements Maryland 

William George Cline Pennsylvania 

Richard Walker Coakley Maryland 

John William Coburn, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Coe Maryland 

John Francis Collins Maryland 

William Wesley Conn, Jr Maryland 

James Carl Conrad, Jr Maryland 

Robert Franklin Cooper Maryland 

Alfred Corbin Maryland 

John Robert Cowan Maryland 

John Cservek, Jr Maryland 

James Madison Cutts, IV Maryland 

Albert Joseph Daughton Maryland 

Albert Ellsworth Davis Maryland 

Hugh Walter Day, Jr Maryland 

Clyde Jerome Deavers, Jr Maryland 

Courtney Merle Dickel Maryland 

Harry Baker Dixon, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Donaldson, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Dougherty Maryland 

Clark William Dovell Maryland 

Douglas Jay Drummond Maryland 

James William Dulaney Maryland 

John Anthony Ebert, Jr Maryland 

Francis Joseph Eisenman, Jr Maryland 


Louis Alexander Ennis, Jr Maryland 

Miguel Hugo Etchenique Bolivia 

William J. Evans Maryland 

James Coe Ewin D. C. 

Norris Elliott Felt, Jr Maryland 

Charles Richard Finch Maryland 

Frank Bernard Findling Maryland 

Lawrence Howard Finn Maryland 

Robert Pearce Fisher Maryland 

Herbert Paul Flack Maryland 

Lee Schimmel Fleishman Maryland 

Thomas Everett Follett Maryland 

James Earl Francey Maryland 

William Charles Cause Maryland 

Paul Joseph Gebhard Maryland 

Richard Gordon Getsinger Maryland 

Clarence Warren Giauque Maryland 

Vernon Roy Goldberg D. C. 

Robert Joseph Goss Maryland 

William James Cowans Maryland 

Herbert Jerome Grant D. C. 

William Wirt Gregory Maryland 

Charles Edward Griffith D. C. 

Richard Ralph Grim D. C. 

Albert Jacob Groshans, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Lawrence Guess D. C. 

Joseph Franklin Gulick, Jr Maryland 

Alfred Andrew Hall, Jr Maryland 

Alvis Arnold Hancock Maryland 

William Milton Harrington, Jr Maryland 

Walter Kirby Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Ezra Nachman Henkin D. C. 

Russell James Hens Maryland 

Edwin Carroll Henze Maryland 

Lynn Gronna Herbert D. C. 

Louis Arthur Herstein, III Maryland 

Rowland Kenneth Hill Maryland 

Clifford Alan Hilton New York 

Oliver Hugh Hine Maryland 

James Joseph Hoctor, Jr New Jersey 

James Virgil Hoesman Maryland 

Donald Harvey Holdt Maryland 

James Henry Hollyday Maryland 

John Walter Holtz, Jr Maryland 

Herbert John Honecker, Jr D. C. 

James Thomas Horton Maryland 

Wilson White Howard, Jr D. C. 

George Frederick Hunter Maryland 

Emil Wolfe Hymowitz Maryland 

Norval Owen Ingberg Maryland 

John Albert Inglis, Jr Marj^land 

William J. Jackson Marj'land 

Anthony Morris Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Charles Peckham Johnson Maryland 

Walter Fred Kennedy Maryland 

Russell Clayton Kenney Maryland 

George Edward Kern Maryland 

Paul Roland Klender Maryland 

John Henry Koehnlein, Jr Maryland 

Howard David Kurt Maryland 

John Henry Kurt, Jr Maryland 

Richard Bunn Kurtz Maryland 

Howard John Lamade, Jr Pennsylvania 

Ralph Edgar Leonberger D. C. 

Robert Benton Lewis Maryland 

Eric B. Lind Maryland 

Nelford Page Lloyd Maryland 

Arthur Eugene Lundvall, Jr Maryland 

Nelson Anthony Luthy Maryland 

Ralph Mack Pennsylvania 

John Robins Macomber Maryland 

Robert Moore Magness Maryland 

Chester Harding Magruder Maryland 

Frederick Harold Marschalk Maryland 

Charles Elmer Marshall, Jr Maryland 

Frank Martin, Jr Maryland 

Michael Lawrence Mastracci Maryland 

Clifford Horton May Maryland 

Charles Witt Maynard D. C. 

William Rand McCormack Maryland 

Winnant Consol McGinty D. C. 

Robert Ashley McLellan D. C. 

James Harmon McVernon D. C. 

Kenneth Hugh Meidling Maryland 

Edward Hine Mertz, Jr D. C. 

Anthony Joseph Michael Maryland 

Henry Otto Mikelait, Jr Maryland 

Cj^ril Maude Miller Maryland 

Edward Alan Miller Maryland 

Irvin Milton Miller Maryland 

Gerald Leonard Mindel D. C. 

Arthur Bainbridge Mobley Maryland 

John Gilbert Montgomery Maryland 

Frank Lee Morgan Maryland 

Kenneth Edward Moylan Maryland 

Leonard Eugene Mudd Maryland 

Edward Joseph Mueller Maryland 

William Albert Mullen Maryland 

August Frederick Muller Maryland 

Norman Ernest Mullinix Maryland 

Thomas Vernon Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Eldred Murray Myers New York 

John Jacob Nagle D. C. 

Peter Willis Naylor Maryland 

John Wallace Neave D. C. 

James William Nicolay Maryland 

James Patrick Nolan Maryland 

Lawrence Schaeffer Nolan Pennsylvania 

Robert Carsten Nordby Maryland 

Noel Gordon O'Brien Maryland 

Jacob Ragnvald Ohrn D. C. 

Walter Wayne Osborne Maryland 

Burwell Seay Palmer Virginia 

Anthony Alexander Palmerino Maryland 

Ross Anawalt Parkhurst Maryland 

Jay Stanley Pasman Maryland 

Robert Burns Peel Maryland 

Ernest Wilson Peterkin 'D. C. 

James Thomas Pfeiffer Maryland 

Reid Lewis Phippeny Maryland 

Louis Plavidal, Jr Virginia 

Kenneth Nevin Ports Maryland 

James Hutchinson Potts, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Emerson Powell, Jr Maryland 

George Ryan Quick Maryland 

Thomas Francis Rahrig Maryland 

Louis Raphael Rainone Maryland 

Richard Nevelle Reed, Jr Maryland 

Seth Thomas Reese, Jr Maryland 

John Kenneth Reidy New York 

James William Render Maryland 

David Woodward Reynolds Maryland 

Ralph Harold Rogers, Jr Texas 

Robert Russell Rohrs Maryland 

William Rosenberg Maryland 

Robert Ellsworth Roulette Maryland 

Joseph Francis Rowland Maryland 

Walter Orville Rutherford, Jr Maryland 

Albert Stephen Salkowski Maryland 

Owen David Schiemer Maryland 

Harry William Schneider, Jr Maryland 

Max Schreiner, Jr Virginia 

George John Schwarz, Jr Maryland 

Nelson Martin Seese Maryland 

John Conrad Sharp Maryland 

Robert MacKenzie Shaw, Jr Virginia 

Thomas Melvin Sheets Maryland 


James Creston Shewbridge Maryland 

Donald G. Shifter Maryland 

Donald Maynard Shipley Maryland 

William Lee Shook Maryland 

Charles Edwin Shores Maryland 

James Ady Shriver, Jr Maryland 

Edward Franklin Shultz Maryland 

Donald Paul Skinner Maryland 

Albert Ernest Slade Maryland 

Gordon Robert Smith Maryland 

Harry Raymond Smith, Jr Maryland 

Walter Hagan Smith Maryland 

Cavet Cloyd Snyder Maryland 

George Richard Sowter Maryland 

Richard Meredith Spicer Maryland 

Michael Stanka Maryland 

Norwood Vernay Stansfield, Jr Maryland 

A. Fred Starobin D. C. 

William Statter Maryland 

Donald William Staub Maryland 

Paul Cleek Staubus D. C. 

James Gilchrist Steifter Maryland 

Louis Joseph Steinitz Maryland 

Clarkson Gray Stevens, Jr Maryland 

Gene Burton Stevens Maryland 

Warren Lee Strasinger Maryland 

Donald Nelson Streeter D. C. 

David Kenneth Studenick Maryland 

Harry Edward Sturdevant Maryland 

John Vincent Sullivan Maryland 

Jack Richard Templeton Maryland 

Frederick Herbert Thomas Maryland 

Joseph Melvin Thomas Maryland 

Melvin Thomas Maryland 

Earle Robert Toense Maryland 

George Olin Topping Virginia 

Floyd Harrison Trogdon North Carolina 

John Alfred Turner Maryland 

Joseph Mark Vallin, Jr D. C. 

Charles Joseph August Volz Maryland 

Joseph Henry Volz Maryland 

Joseph Francis Wagner Maryland 

Vernon Hamilton Walker Maryland 

William Winfield Walton, Jr Maryland 

John Graham Watson, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Wattenberg D. C. 

Robert Eliot Waxman Maryland 

Charles Maximilian Weber, Jr Maryland 

Charles Adolph Weigel, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Leo Wells Maryland 

Carl Joseph Wenzinger, Jr Maryland 

Robert Vernon Wertz Maryland 

William Philip Weyforth Maryland 

Robert Warren Wilkinson Maryland 

Earl Cranston Williams, Jr Maryland 

Richard Isaac Windsor Maryland 

Donald Frederick Wiseman Maryland 

John Elbert Wolf Maryland 

James Bok Wong New York 

John Paul Young Maryland 

Robert Franklin Zeigler Maryland 

Patrick Wilhelm Zilliacus Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Charles Christian Law, Jr Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

James Bok Wong 
James Gilchrist Steffler 
Ralph Harold Rogers, Jr. 
John Joseph Buckley 
Charles Witt Maynard 
Charles Edwin Shores 
John Wallace Neave 
Courtney Merle Dickel 
Max Schreiner, Jr. 
Charles Hellings Bredall 
Charles Maximilian Weber, Jr. 
John Cservek, Jr. 
Charles Elmer Campbell 
Alfred Andrew Hall, Jr. 
Norris Elliott Felt, Jr. 
Jacob Ragnvald Ohrn 
Clyde Jerome Deavers, Jr. 
William Wirt Gregory 
John Paul Young 
Walter Fred Kennedy 
Charles Joseph August Volz 
John Henry Koehnlein, Jr. 
Robert Benton Lewis 
Harry Thomas Brackett 
George Richard Sowter 
Eldred Murray Myers 
James Henry Hollyday 
Maynard Reynaud Chance 

Second Honors 

Donald Nelson Streeter 
Thomas Dawson Canby 
Irvin Milton Miller 
Richard Bunn Kurtz 
Gordon Robert Smith 
William Rugh Bailey 
Frank Martin 
Stephen Edgar Asendorf 
George Edward Kern 
Robert Russel Brannan 
Noel Gordon O'Brien 
Alvis Arnold Hancock 
Joseph Henry Volz 
Charles Adolph Weigel, Jr. 
Richard Nevelle Reed, Jr. 
Edward Joseph Mueller 
Calvin Clayton Boone 
Nelson Martin Seese 
William Wesley Conn, Jr. 
Louis Alexander Ennis, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Peggy Marie Armstrong Maryland 

Mary Ellen Norris Babbitt Maryland 

Christine Blake Maryland 

Jane Crea Blizzard Maryland 

Frances Wise Brown Virginia 

Sonia Clark Maryland 

Sara Godard Clauer D. C. 

Doris Lorraine Clopper Maryland 

Arthur Paul Cosing, Jr D. C. 

Marian Clarice Cronin Maryland 

Alfred Danegger Delaware 

Jane Miller Dickey Maryland 

Nancy Lee Duffy Maryland 

Carol Martha Edwards Maryland 

Lois Ann Ehlers D. C. 

Nancy Gaye Eshleman D. C. 

Marcia Hart Foster Maryland 

Dolores Janet Fresh Maryland 

Charlotte Cornelia Freund Virginia 

Margaret Jean Gunnison Pennsylvania 

Billee Marie Hatcher D. C. 

Rosemary Louise Havenner D. C. 

Richard Lindsey Hays New Jersey 

Amy Ruth Heckinger Maryland 

Margaret Shirley Heine D. C. 

Betty Jane Howard Maryland 

Josephine Hays Hughes Maryland 

Patricia Anne Hyland Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Jeffers Maryland 

Mary Burton Karlowa Maryland 

Corilda Chaplin Keyser Maryland 

Phyllis Joan Kreisher Maryland 

Doris Jeanne Lindsley Maryland 

Margarita Mallios D. C. 

Mary Marjory McLay Maryland 

Dorothy Elaine Medford Delaware 

Louise Michel Maryland 

Roxie Lee Montgomery Maryland 

Helen Louise Neighbours Maryland 

Ermenia J. Nesci Maryland 

Barbara Anne Neumann Maryland 

Joan Elizabeth Parrott Pennsylvania 

Patricia Ann Paxman Maryland 

Ellen Louise Pratt Virginia 

Josephine Ann Quail Maryland 

Jean DeVries Reifschneider Maryland 

Maxine Elizabeth Jones Saunders 


Ruth Elizabeth Saunders D. C. 

Mary Curtis Schoen Maryland 

Duane Denham Schwertner D. C. 

Barbara Elizabeth Senge Maryland 

Alice Anne Shepherd Maryland 

Ann Carolyn Sipp Maryland 

Ruth Joan Stanton Maryland 

Shirley Mae Vegren D. C. 

Muriel June Madge Vincent Maryland 

Hazel Cecelia Welch Maryland 

Joan Roetzer Winn D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 
Jeanne Marie Lang Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Christine Blake 

Ellen Louise Pratt 

Joan Roetzer Winn 

Duane Denham Schwertner 

Billee Marie Hatcher 

Second Honors 

Nancy Lee Duffy 
Louise Michel 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel John C. Pitchford 

Bachelor of Science 

George Thomas Adair Maryland 

Peter Christian Beer Virginia 

Daniel Joseph Boyle Maryland 

Jack Roger Carpenter Michigan 

Walter Earl Claypoole Maryland 

Leonard Lawrence Collier Iowa 

Adam John Eisenhauer New York 

Robert H. Fechtman D. C. 

Erwin Frank Forsythe Virginia 

Maurice Aloysius Gainey, Jr D. C. 

William Arthur Ginn Maryland 

William Grauley Henderson D. C. 

Russell Burton Jones, Jr Virginia 

Will Dan Joslin Maryland 

Clinton Julius Kriese Virginia 

Vernon John Lyle Maryland 

Raymond Atkinson Marks D. C. 

Robert Wilkes May Virginia 

Alfred Ben Merendino Maryland 

George Alvin Millener, Jr Pennsylvania 

Alden Walton O'Brien Kentucky 

Joseph Edward Pieklik Massachusetts 


Andrew James Schou New Jersey 

Simms M, Spears North Carolina 

Jay Parsons Thomas D. C. 

Donald Melvin Thompson Maryland 

Frank Jay Traversi Texas 

Richard VanBruggen D. C. 

Donald Freeman Westra Virginia 

William Emerson White D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Daniel Francis Munster D. C. Frank Astor Rogers, Jr 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Joseph Edward Pieklik 

Donald Melvin Thompson 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Virginia Adler D. C. 

James Austin Barnhart Maryland 

John Albert Baroni Maryland 

Charles Thomas Bolgiano Maryland 

Arthur Roland Bosley Maryland 

James A. Brasher Texas 

George Robert Brewer D. C. 

Joseph Daniel Bryan D. C. 

Harold Baily Buckley, Jr Maryland 

William Pearl Burgy West Virginia 

Jean Riall Carson D. C. 

Alfred Ercole Colaiacomo Maryland 

Tom Hadley Collier Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Collins Maryland 

Carlton Conklin Command Maryland 

John Joseph Condon Maryland 

Samuel Lee Cooke Maryland 

Robert Edward Coombs Ohio 

Phyllis Elaine Cromwell Maryland 

Thomas Clyde Day Maryland 

William Roland Dunn Maryland 

August Edward Eichhorn Maryland 

Francis Wemyss Evans, Jr Massachusetts 

John E. Fahrner New Jersey 

George William Fanshaw, Jr Maryland 

Lucien Anthony Gambino Maryland 

Florence Burton Goldbeck Maryland 

Robert Alfred Gregson Maryland 

Edward Paul Gurny Maryland 

Caroline Lovejoy Harris Maryland 

John Hubert Harvill D. C. 

Glenn Eugene Harvison Maryland 

William Harrison Haycock Maryland 

Robert Heiskell Hill Maryland 

Billy Gilmer Hooper D. C. 

William Reginald Hopkins Maryland 

Bruce Theodore Hulett D. C. 

John Howard Hunton D. C. 

Jerome James Hurley Wisconsin 

James Harry Johnson Maryland 

Charles Lindbergh Kehoe Maryland 

William Henry Kinnear Maryland 

Keith K. Kishbauch Maryland 

Robert James Knepley D. C. 

Edward Francis LaBerge Maryland 

Daniel Mernit New York 

James Frederick Meyers, Jr Maryland 

Charles Joseph Miller D. C. 

Samuel Miller, Jr Maryland 

Philip Michael Minke Maryland 

John Sander Moll, III Maryland 

Frank Leonard Monteforte New Jersey 

Robert Edwin Novak Maryland 

John Matthew O'Hara D. C. 

Russell Perry Maryland 

Andrew Quattrocchi New York 

Vernon Ralph Randall Maryland 

Peter Thomas Reklis Maryland 

Earl Francis Roth, Jr Delaware 

Joseph Frank Sebastinelli California 

Carroll Eugene Selby Maryland 

Edward Shapero Maryland 

Nicky Sheridan Maryland 

Henry Donald Smith Maryland 

Robert Elmer Smith Maryland 

George Albert Sorg Maryland 

Russell Leonard Thomas Virginia 

Joseph Travis Tucker Virginia 

Adam Mark Zetts Pennsylvania 

Eleanor Catherine Zimmerman Maryland 

James Pollitt Zimmerman Maryland 

William Rudolph Zupnik New Jersey 

First Honors 

Charles Joseph Miller 
Phyllis Elaine Cromwell 
Harold Baily Buckley, Jr. 
Mary Virginia Adler 
Nicky Sheridan 
John Sander Moll, III 
Robert Edwin Novak 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
John H. Hunton 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Harvey Edwin Basik Maryland 

Noel Joseph Bosch Maryland 

Robert Marvin Caplan Maryland 

Paul Milton Carter Maryland 

Joseph William Cavallaro Maryland 

Morton Bernard Cohen Maryland 

Melvin Cohn Maryland 

Richard Robert Crane Maryland 

John Leroy Cunzeman, Jr Maryland 

Alfred Lee Davis Maryland 

LeRoy Elree Dayton Maryland 

John Thomas Deems, Jr Maryland 

Paul H. Edwards Maryland 

Edwin Fredric Eisenberg Maryland 

Frank Barton Evans Maryland 

Edward Fainberg Maryland 

Donald Owen Fedder Maryland 

Philip Edward Fisher Maryland 

Mayer N. Freed Maryland 

Burton Fried Maryland 

Herbert Friedman Maryland 

Alvin Nathan Geser Maryland 

Albert Gordon Greenberg Maryland 

Warren Alvin Gronert Maryland 

Richard Thomas Harman Maryland 

Robert Antis Harnish, Sr Maryland 

Robert Gordon Hoy Maryland 

William Benton Jackson, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Kaiser Maryland 

Gerald Sol Kantorow Maryland 

George Leo Kelly Maryland 

Robert Joseph Kelly Maryland 

Morton David Kramer Maryland 

M. Marcus Lachman Maryland 

Edward Clement Lambdin, Jr Maryland 

Herbert J, Leavey Maryland 

Donald Levy Maryland 

Louis Lindenbaum Maryland 

James Hopper Lyon Maryland 

Walter Peter Macek Maryland 

Howard Earl Mandel Marj'land 

William Everd Maseth Maryland 

Harold H. Mazer Marj'land 

Bernard Charles McDougall Maryland 

Joseph Emery Mittuch New Jersey 

Robert Kenneth Moler Maryland 

Adrian Moscati Maryland 

Joseph Papiermeister Maryland 

Albert Pats Maryland 

Harry Payne Maryland 

Paul Allen Pumpian Maryland 

Emil Quasney, Jr Maryland 

Isador Raichlen Maryland 

Vincent John Regimenti Maryland 

Hans John Rosenbach Maryland 

Sylvan Leonard Sachs Maryland 

Henrj' Schwartz Maryland 

Edward DeForest Sears Maryland 

Albert Aaron Shapiro Maryland 

Allan B. Shenker Maryland 

William Ward Smith Mar>'land 

Sidney Spike Maryland 

Alvin Stark Maryland 

Howard Carl Stauffer Pennsylvania 

Victor Jerome Sugar Maryland 

Howard Dean Sullivan Virginia 

Zachariah Turner, III Maryland 

William Gordon Urspruch Maryland 

Philip Vodenos Maryland 

Phyllis H. Wagner Marj^land 

Jerome Bernard Warren Maryland 

Morton Hyman Weiner Marj'land 

Richard Jackson Williamson Maryland 

Stanley Jay Yaffe Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Henry Schwartz 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Richard Robert Crane 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Philip Edward Fisher 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Albert Aaron Shapiro 

The David Fink Memorial Prize William Benton Jackson, Jr. 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize Donald Owen Fedder 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize John LeRoy Cunzeman, Jr. 

John LeRoy Cunzeman, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Albert Aaron Shapiro 

Richard Robert Crane 


Candidates will be presented by Director Florence M. Gipe 

Graduate in Nursing 

Dorothy Ann Bartz Maryland 

Grace Florence Bassler Maryland 

Evelyn Joyce Bates Maryland 

Margaret May Beede Ohio 

Dolores Agnes Blahut Maryland 

Jane Kathryn Blunt Maryland 

Mildred Eileen Christopher Marj'land 

Marj' Alice Dowe Virginia 

Margaret Patricia Ferguson Maryland 

Joan Elaine Gleason Maryland 


Marie Barbara Gorecki Maryland 

Marion Graham Florida 

Jean Groton Virginia 

Margaret M. Guymon Texas 

Margaret Virginia Herbert Maryland 

Doris Elizabeth Hicks Maryland 

Ethel Horn Maryland 

Carol Meredith Hosfeld Maryland 

Ruth Louise Hutchinson Maryland 

Lila Mae Johnson Maryland 

Eleanore Coulter Kelley Maryland 

Laura Jane Kirkwood Maryland 

Theresa Marie Krzywicki Pennsylvania 

Jacqueline B. Loar Maryland 

Barbara Lee Longest Maryland 

Marie Elizabeth Mann New York 

Nancy Elizabeth Meredith Maryland 

Selma Ruth Mervis Maryland 

Gloria Elaine Mullen Canada 

Barbara Harbert Muzzy Maryland 

Inez Alvenia Parks North Carolina 

Mary Barbara Phelps Maryland 

Mary John Poupalos South Carolina 

Margaret Elizabeth Ritter Maryland 

Martha Howard Rollison Virginia 

Mary Lee DeVilbiss Smelser Maryland 

Mildred Franklin Smith Maryland 

Jeanne Rowe Snyder Maryland 

Gwendolyn Louise Statler Pennsylvania 

Anne Wesson Stone Virginia 

Edith Ellen Viereck Maryland 

Margaret Ann Warfield Maryland 

Betty Lou Watts Canal Zone 

Margarette Edythe Weinhold Maryland 

Janet Lorraine White Maryland 

Phyllis Jeanne Zimmerman D. C. 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public health 
work, to the student having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Edith Ellen Viereck 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Marion Graham 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Inez Alvenia Parks 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
playing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Martha Howard Rollison 

The Mary K. Waltham Prize, awarded to the nurse who shows the most human 
understanding in the attention given to the patients on the wards. 

Awarded to Margaret Ann Warfield 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and 
school spirit. 

Awarded to Inez Alvenia Parks 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in 

Awarded to Mary Alice Dowe 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Margaret Elizabeth Ritter 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in 
the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability. 

Awarded to Marion Graham 

Operating Room Service — First Award Janet Lorraine White 

Second Award Marion Graham 

The J. M. H. Rowland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetrical 

Awarded to Gloria Elaine Mullen 

The Mabel Merriken Roth Memorial, awarded to the nurse in the graduating class 
who is chosen by ballot vote of her classmates as the one rating highest in character and 
personality. The award will be a certificate entitling the girl chosen to receive two 
Florence Nightingale caps. Given by Mrs. Garland Hogge and Mrs. James Hipp in 
memory of their mother, Mrs. Mabel Merriken Roth. 

Awarded to Mary John Poupalos 

The Dr. Hugh A. Bailey Nursing Prize, in appreciation of Doctor Arthur M. 
Shipley, given to this year's graduate who is adjudged the best technical undergraduate 
in operating room procedures. 

Awarded to Gloria Elaine Mullen 

The Louisa Parsons Prize, awarded by Miss Florence M. Gipe, for neatness in 
uniform and personal appearance. 

Awarded to Ruth Louise Hutchinson 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

William M. Allenberg Marian S. Kenkle 
John J. E. Arvil W. Fred Kennedy- 
Alfred W. Becker Hamill T. Kenny 
Frances Bernacki Robert W. King 
Christine Blake John H. Koehnlein 
Harry T. Brackett Charles E. Kolb 
Robert R. Brannon Dorothy H. Kroeger 
Charles H. Bredall John J. Lancaster, Jr. 
Roy S. Brenner E. Virginia Legg 
Willis C. Brunk Philip C. Lewis 
John J. Buckley Robert B. Lewis 
Arvil N. Bunch George W. Lloyd 
Charles E. Campbell Joseph H. Manning 
Barbara R. Carpenter Vivian K. Margolis 
Donald G. Carpenter Charles W. Maynard 
Joseph F. Cavey Edward B. McAllister 
Evelyn V. Church Lloyd W. McChesney 
Helen F. Cook Mary McClennon 
Phyllis E. Cromwell Thomas M. McKee, Jr. 
Clifford P. Growers Charles J. Miller 
John A. Curtiss Henry J. Nary- 
Clyde J. Beavers John W. Neave 
Courtney Dickel Ruth A. Cartel 
Frank W. Dinwiddle Robert L. Olt 
Eunice M. Disney George C. Paffenbarger, Jr. 
Calvin E. Donnelly Joe M. Parks 
James R. Dougherty Samuel H. Patterson 
Joyce G. Dravis Ellen L. Pratt 
Florence L. Duke Evelyn L. Puryear 
Andrew A. Duncan Charles W. Riggs 
William M. Eareckson Martha Y. Robellaz 
N. Elliott Felt C. Lynne Rossman 
Marvin H. Ferguson Shelley Schaffer 
Everett J. Frazza Irwin M. Schiller 
Warren K. Giese Reuben N. Shevitz 
Franklin Goldstein John E. Shields 
William W. Gregory Charles E. Shores 
Alfred A. Hall James M. Snyder 
Milton D. Havron Lillian E. Somervell 
Joseph R. Haun George R. Sowter 
James M. Henderson James G. Steffler 
Arthur C. Henne George R. Sugar 
Alice F. Hignutt Leonard M. Tompakov 
Erlene Hite Ira N. Tublin 
James H. Hollyday William B. Tuemmler 
John A. Holter Anna M. Urban 
John B. Houck Charles J. A. Volz 
Ann Howard George H. Wall 
Herman W. Jackson Charles M. Weber 
Lawrence Jackson Emil A. Westerinen 
Gordon L. Jessup Helen E. White 
Frank Jewell, Jr. Robert A. Will 
Elizabeth L. Jobe Juliana D. Wilson 
Robert D. Johnston Samuel A. Wolpert 
Glennis L. Kabat Charles H. Yarger 
Theodore Katenkamp John P. Young 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of 
the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Orville Morton Weston, Jr. 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Ann Carolyn Sipp 

Men's League Award, offered to the senior man who has exemplified strong char- 
acter, successful achievement and service to his alma mater and the welfare of the men 
students on campus. 

Awarded to Donald Mortimer 


James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 

Goddard James to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 

and moral character. 

Awarded to William Henry Preston, Jr. 

Sigma Chi Award, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman 

class who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to John Zigler Williams 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who made the 

highest scholastic average during the first semester of her sophomore year. 

Awarded to Marian Alice Quisenberry and Margaret Jean Smith 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating 

class who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Barbara Ray Carpenter 

The Alpha Zeta Medal, awarded by Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity to 

the agricultural student in the previous year's freshman class, who attains the highest 

average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Raymond A. Galloway 

Omicron Nu Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 

who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Sarah Elizabeth Bissell 

The Dinah Herman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to the 

sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College of 


Awarded to Thomas Edward Hainsworth 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 

senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the 

greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Ralph Harold Rogers, Jr. 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of 

the American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil 

Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding 

student in his class. 

Awarded to James Gilchrist Steffler 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the 

junior in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the 

greatest improvement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Charles May 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award, to the graduating senior in 

chemistry or chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Everett Joseph Frazza 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacte- 
riology, for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Walter Anthony Konetzka 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award, offered to the senior member of the group who has 

maintained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have 

been in attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Barbara Ray Carpenter 

Rabbi Edward L. Israel Interfaith Scholarship of $300, awarded by the B'nai B'rith 

Lodges of Maryland and Washington, D. C, to the student in the junior class who has 

done most to improve interfaith relations on the campus. 

Awarded to Lathrop Palmer Utley 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the man and woman members of 

the senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Kennard Bird Calfee and Bettye Wilton Smith 

The William S. Rosenbaum Memorial Foundation Award, Barbarossa Lodge No. 133, 

Knights of Phythias, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for excellence in Hebrew Studies. 

Awarded to Miriam Ezekiel and Tamar Edith Soloff 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholar- 
ship and community leadership. 

Awarded to Helen Elizabeth White 

Delta Kappa Gamma Award, offered by the National Professional Teachers Fra- 
ternity to a foreign woman student for outstanding scholastic achievement. 

Awarded to Judith Susan Polgar 

Grange Award, offered by the Maryland State Grange to the senior who has excelled 

in leadership, scholastic attainment, and has contributed meritorious service to the 

College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to John Albert Holter 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the freshman who has contributed the most to University 


Awarded to Stanley Ellis Rubenstein 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man 

who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Joseph Travis Tucker 


Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to John Howard Hunton 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest 
service to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Charles Jerome Herbert 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to John Howard Hunton 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein 
in memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Andrew Quattrocchi 

Dixie Walker Trophy Award for the boxer who shows the most improvement over 
the preceding year. 

Awarded to Robert Elmer Smith 

Southern Conference 155-pound Championship Trophy. 

Awarded to Donald Glen Oliver 

The Diamondback Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student news- 

Awarded to: Gordon Beard, Arthur Brigham, Walter Carlson, Louis Cedrone, 
George Cheely, Ernest Coblentz, Barbara Elms, Gene Girden, Jane Hamilton, 
Hugh Jacobsen, Ruth Kearney, Kenneth Kefauver, David Kelly, W. Daniel 
Kundin, Dorothy Kroeger, Robert Little, Harry Ortiz, Morton Paulson, E. Joan 
Robey, John Rosson, Patricia Scanlan, Beverlee Smith, Virginia Truitt, Helen 
White, Thad Wilson, Martin Zadravec. 

The Terrapin Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 

Awarded to: Virginie Bennett, Philip Bettendorf, Mary Davis, Richard Dunlap, 
P. James Hansen, G. Lawson Jump, Samuel Levin, Eliza Ann Riggins, Lynne 
Rossman, Patricia Scanlan, Charles R. Wilds, Anthony Zamer. 

The Old Line Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student magazine. 

Awarded to: Mollee Coppel, Fred Denston, Fritz Durkee, Louis Eisenhauer, 
Richard Levine, Joan Moore, Brent Peabody, Eliza Ann Riggins, Charles 
Schaeffer, Phyllis Schubert. 

The M Book Awards for efficient and faithful service on the freshman handbook. 

Awarded to: Virginie Bennett, Wiley Gilstrap, Mary Jarrell, Daniel Kundin, 
Samuel Levin, Eliza Ann Riggins, Lynne Rossman, Patricia Scanlan, Joseph 

Air Force 

Russell A. Bunn 

Air Force Reserve 

Bertrand S. Dann 
Paul F. Faupel 
Joseph Greenberg 
Alfred A. Hall 
Jacob N. Jones, Jr. 
Robert F. Jones 
Robert L. Jones 
Robert W. King 
Edward J. Kulda, Jr. 
Stanford A. Lavine 
Samuel M. Levin 

Infantry Reserve 

Charles E. Anthony, Jr. 
Ralph H. Barnes 
Robert W. Bryan 
James C. Bulger, Jr. 
Robert W. Cline 
Ernest A. Coblentz 
Neil J. Emrich 
Frederick S. Hays, Jr. 
James H. Johnson 
George A. Millener, Jr. 
Ewell H. Mohler, Jr. 
Edward H. Nathan 
Paul M. Overholtzer 

Walter R. Lindquist 
Emmett H. Nanna, Jr. 
Charles T. Poole, Jr. 
Richard N. Reed, Jr. 
Roy H. Robertson 
James G. Steffler 
John M. Stull 
Frederick H. Thomas 
William G. Vessey 
John K. White 
Lennon E. Wright 

George C. Paffenbarger, Jr. 
Philip J. Peters, Jr. 
John J. Seipel 
Theodore G. Shackley, Jr. 
Paul Sheinman 
Alexander E. Singleton 
Edward C. Stewart 
Frederick W. Tripp 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Howard J. Umberger 
Lathrop P. Utley 
Hugh E. Vroman 
William E. White 


Signal Corps Reserve 

William B. Ballentine E. Paul Leedom 

Russell E. Brubaker John A. Lynch, III 

Howard L. Carstens Earle R. Harden, Jr. 

Carlos T. Cordero Thomas J. McQuade, Jr. 

Alfred W. EickhoflF James L. Olsen, Jr. 

Edward P. Gurny John P. Peters 

Harry I. Hamilton, Jr. Charles A. Weigel, Jr. 

Joseph S. Kaufman Gordon W. Zollinhofer 

Transportation Corps Reserve 

Joseph J. Ball George V, McGowan 

Stanford W. Berman Mayer M. Perel 

Harry P. Cherigos Charles H. Perkins 

Robert Cook Samuel J. Rolph, Jr. 

William E. Dasch Robert H. Smith 

Wilmer L. Fox Howard K. Soper 

Joseph A. Guard, Jr. Arthur H. Spring 

James M. Henderson Walter M. Taylor 

Charles B. Ledbetter, III Thomas E. Trone 

William L. Lingebach, Jr. Orville M. Weston, Jr. 

Harold S. McGay, Jr. Martin Zuckerman 

The Governor's Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Rolf S. Scovell 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Clayton A. Shepherd 

The Air Force Association Medals, offered to the outstanding 1st and 2nd year 
Advanced Air Force Students. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Charles T. Poole, Jr. 

Cadet 1st Lt. Arthur E. Biggs 

The Transportation Corps Award, offered to the outstanding Transportation Corps 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Walter M. Taylor 

The Reserve Officers' Association Gold Medal, offered to the outstanding Army 
R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Joseph D. Tydings 

The Reserve Officers' Association Silver Medal, offered to the second nomination for 
the outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel James L. Olsen, Jr. 

The Reserve Officers' Association Bronze Medal, offered to the third nomination for 
the outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain William L. Lingebach 

The William Randolph Hearst Trophy, offered for the highest individual score in 
R.O.T.C. Rifle Matches. 

Awarded to Cadet 2nd Lt. Emile W. Clede, Jr. 

Pershing Rifle Medals, offered to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet William C. Strasser 

Cadet Alan E. Poole 
Cadet Walter C. Zajac 
Cadet Glenn L. Treiber 
Cadet Joseph F. Lynch 
Cadet Roland M. Thompson 
Cadet Douglas G. Robin, Jr. 

The Baltimore Sun Award, offered to the outstanding individual Basic cadet. 
Awarded to Cadet Richard E. Katz 

Scabbard and Blade Trophy for the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Clayton A. Shepherd 

Military Department award for the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Rolf S. Scovell 

Military Department award for the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet 1st Lt. Clayton A. Shepherd 

The Mahlon N. Haines Trophy for the best drilled group. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel James L. Olsen, Jr. 

The Pershing Rifle Achievement Medal for the outstanding Basic cadet in Company 
C, 5th Reg. Pershing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Sgt. Bruce W. Macy